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UPDATE  2/22/11:

 To our current students:

We are pleased to provide you with a brief update on the progress of the Society. Much has been accomplished in the past few months, organizationally and operationally, in the following areas:

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: The Society is entering a new phase, firmly rooted in its founding principles while keenly focused on the future. Guiding the way forward, our High Council has restructured to better serve our members and create new opportunities for involvement and growth. More details will follow soon. 

MEMBER DATABASE: We have built a comprehensive database and are currently in the process of finalizing the system. This has been a significant undertaking, and it's completion will allow us to better administer our correspondence course and track member progress.

LESSON REVIEW:  The office of the Proctor General is presently reviewing lessons. To facilitate the process of the submission, grading, and returning of student lessons, we have developed guidelines for submissions going forward. Our intent is to shift to a more electronic system, which will hopefully speed administration and reduce printing and postage costs.

CORRESPONDENCE COURSE: With the database in place, we are nearly ready to begin sending out the next lessons to each student. We expect to have the correspondence course back up and running by the beginning of March. 

To prospective new members:

At this time we have temporarily suspended the processing of  new member applications as we begin to implement our new system. We anticipate  being able to take in new applications once the Correspondence Course system is completely operational.

We deeply appreciate your patience during this long period of reorganization.


Sincerely and Fraternally yours,


Soror R.I., Supreme Magus
Soror A.L., Proctor General
Frater M.B., Secretary General




 Please keep in touch with us in the following ways:


Regular Mail:
Society of Rosicrucians,

P.O. Box 1757
Elfers, FL  34680





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What's New

S. R. I. A.

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Welcome to the web site

of the


(Society of Rosicrucians, Inc.)

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Dr. George Winslow Plummer
1876 - 1944

The Societas Rosicruciana In America is a non-profit membership corporation founded in 1909 and incorporated in 1912 by George Winslow Plummer. This Society is the American organization formed by properly qualified initiates to propagate the Ancient Wisdom Teachings in the western world.

Our organization is also known as the Society of Rosicrucians, Inc. and as the Most Holy Order of the Ruby Rose and Golden Cross (RR et AC), and is part of the world-wide, age-old Rosicrucian Fraternity.

Tradition ascribes the origin of Rosicrucianism (but not under that name) to Egypt, some centuries B.C., as an organization among the Egyptian priesthood and its Hierophants. Shortly after A.D., the Christian ministry found that the truths of the Ancient Wisdom Religion foreshadowed the New Dispensation, and the two blended in the thoughts of small groups, which became the resort of the more mystical members of the Christian clergy.

Thus the Fraternity, comprising these groups, as it came down to the Middle Ages, was an organization of clerical members, men who were living the spiritual life and given to spiritual meditation and ecstatic experiences. These men, true Initiates, devoted their lives to research in the arcana of nature, applying natural laws and their analogous spiritual laws to the problems of human life.

The sole object of our Society is the spiritual, moral and intellectual development of its members, and, indirectly, of all mankind. This is accomplished through teachings which correlate Religion, Science and Philosophy, particularly in connection with Mystical Christianity and Hermeticism. It emphasizes the Sage's exhortation: "Man, Know Thyself." The Society, while including among its teachings the wisdom of several religions, is definitely not interested in its members' religion, race or creed. Recognizing the value that inheres in every form of religious expression, it seeks, among other things, to show each member the true, inner meaning of whatever has been taught as religion.

Our Society's syllabus of lessons includes: Rosicrucian Series, Hermetic Series, Alchemical Series and Spiritual Fundamentals.

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Contact Information

For information on course of study and books published by our Society please contact our organization by:

Postal address
P.O. Box 1757, Elfers, Florida  34680 USA
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