Strawberry Unmilkshake

This milkshake tastes just as good as an a junk food milkshake, only its super healthy for you. If you were yesterday at Kimatothrafsti you probably tried it or saw it as me an Elli were serving it there! Thanks everyone for coming by and supporting us! Here is how we made it, for anyone that might want to make it at home…

Ingredients for 2-3 servings

-2 cups of raw almonds/2 κούπες ωμά αμύγδαλα
-4 cups of water/4 κούπες νερό
-1 1/2 cup of strawberries/1 1/2 κούπα φράουλες
-1/2 tsp ground vanilla powder/1/2 κ.γ. τριμμένη φυσική βανίλια
-2 tsp agave nectar/2 κ.γ. σιρόπι αγαύης

Soak the almonds for 8 hours in water and rinse them well. Add almonds to a high speed blender combined with water and blend for a minute. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh bag (nut milk bag). This is a basic almond milk recipe, made a bit thicker ( by adding less water) to make the milk creamier as it would be in a dairy milkshake.

Once you strain the milk, add it back to the blender with the strawberries, vanilla and agave and blend until smooth and creamy. If you have a strong blender you can leave the leaves of the strawberries on and they will dissolve completely.

Chill in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

Μουλιάζουμε τα αμύγδαλα σε νερό για περίπου 8 ώρες και τα ξεπλένουμε καλά. Βάζουμε στο μπλέντερ το νερό και τα αμύγδαλα και τα χτυπάμε μέχρι να διαλυθούν. Σουρώνουμε το μείγμα περνώντας το μέσα από τουλουπάνι. Η συνταγή είναι σαν το βασικό αμυγδαλόγαλα αλλά με λιγότερο νερό για να γίνει το γάλα πιο κρεμώδες, όπως στα milkshake.

Αφού σουρώσουμε το γάλα, το βάζουμε πίσω στο μπλέντερ, προσθέτουμε τις φράουλες, τη βανίλια και το σιρόπι αγαύης και το χτυπάμε μέχρι να γίνει απαλό και κρεμώδες. Αν το μπλένερ είναι δυνατό, μπορούμε να βάλουμε τις φράουλες με τα φυλλαράκια τους μιας και διαλύονται εντελώς.

Το βάζουμε στο ψυγείο μέχρι να κρυώσει πριν σερβίρουμε!

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19 comments to Strawberry Unmilkshake

  • The color of that milkshake is truly amazing! And your photo is stunning–love how you’ve highlighted those few drops on the countertop! Beautiful all around. And now I’m craving some! :)

  • Elsa

    Όπως πάντα, συνδυάζεις άψογα την οπτική και τη γευστική πανδαισία! Γειά στα χέρια σου!

  • I never drink that much ‘milksakes’ or even ‘unmilkshakes’ ‘coz actually i don’t like the idea of milk you know. Just can’t drink anything just … white or even anything with those scary white liquid in. But on the other hand i always want to taste when i see that kind of pic.
    I should dry, don’t you think?

  • well try is better than dry, i think! a a a
    liquid / dry, i’m really disturbed by this milk-story!!!

  • Gorgeous photo! I want some for lunch!

  • Mike

    Looks and sounds great. I am definitely going to give it a try. Not having Agave but still wanting a vegan drink (although I am not vegan I wanted to be ‘true’ to this site’s recipe) I considered honey but did not think it was vegan. I found a good reference here So, as I thought, honey is not considered vegan. But that got me thinking, the main ingredient in nut milk is almonds and in both the US and Europe almond production uses honey bees for pollination. Simply put without the trucked in bees (who’s honey is tossed as it is considered too bitter for human consumption and too costly to harvest for re-feeding to the bees) there would be no almonds. So unless you get your almonds from another source consuming almond nut milk is far worse for bees than consuming honey. That puts almonds squarely in the non-vegan category. I am not sure about strawberries as they are not grown in as large farms highly concentrated in one region as almonds.

  • What a stunning photo and a delicious sounding treat!

  • I adore that photo. It’s so fun!

  • You are right, honey is not vegan since it is an animal product. About the Almond trees, I have never heard what you wrote, but here in Greece almonds trees thrive wild and are not farmed :)

  • Mike

    I poked around your site a little more and see you are located were the almonds are likely pollinated by local species instead of by truck loads of bees like they are in California (which produces ~85% of the world crop). The recent honey bee crisis here in the US highlighted all the ‘industries’ that could (or are being) impacted.

    I’ve got my almonds soaking now. I’ll be sure to check where my next batch of almonds come from.

  • I usually hate strawberry flavoured milkshakes/desserts as they never taste like strawberry, so this sounds right up my alley.

  • wonderful blog & beautiful photography!

  • Wow, that looks great! I never thought to make a milkshake using almonds. I always did the strawberry ice cream method. But your way sounds much better. Thanks! :-)

  • Great photography! The milkshake looks sooo good!

  • I adore your photos – and this sounds so delicious – will definitely have to try it!

    oh and I just added you as a favorite seller on etsy (I’m littleindianline) and am thinking I may order some of those buckwheat powerbars for my dad for fathers day – they sound awesome!

  • Eugene

    sounds great ! can you store that in the fridge and, if so, for how long ? :)

  • Not long, it goes off pretty quickly. I would suggest to drink it the same day you make it!

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