Boycott Scotland and the United Kingdom

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi has been set free by Scotland

Almost a year after being released, he is still alive

But we will not allow Gaddafi and BP to win.

Boycott Libya / Boycott BP

Support the Libyan People Against Gaddafi and BP

Kenny MacAskill must resign for justice to be served.

Mr. Salmond and Mr. Brown must apologize to the families of the Lockerbie victims.

9/11: Never Forget

THE TIMES: Lockerbie bomber 'set free for oil'

THE TIMES: UK and Scottish governments ‘did deal’ over Lockerbie bomber release

AOL NEWS: BP Lobbied Brits Ahead of Lockerbie Bomber Release

AOL NEWS: Another Reason to Hate BP: Lobbying for Lockerbie Bomber

A Message to the People of Scotland and the United Kingdom

''It is very hard to get at the truth, and yet [leading Labour Party peer]
Lord Mandelson is seen with the Libyan President's son. It is very clear
that the British Government are in this up to their neck. I view all this noise
as party politics in a rather crude way."
Lord Owen, Former British Foreign Secretary
Source: US ire grows as Lockerbie bomber gets hero's welcome

The government of Scotland has released convicted Lockerbie terrorist bomber and mass murderer Abdel Baset al-Megrahi on "compassionate grounds."

The government of the United Kingdom has washed its hands of the entire affair, allowing the Scottish government total freedom in taking this perfidious action against the families of the victims of Pan Am Flight 103.

The actions of the Scottish government are inexcusable. A man who is responsible for the mass murder of 270 innocent civilians must be held accountable for such a cold blooded and ruthless act. Freeing a terrorist in order to further ties with the tyrannical Libyan regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi and to further the commercial interests of British Petroleum in that region is repulsive and sickening.

We urge all Americans to protest this action by boycotting the United Kingdom and Scotland in full. Don't travel to Scotland or do business there (or in the United Kingdom in general) and don't buy any British or Scottish products.

Most especially after the horrific events of 9/11, the world needs to be reminded that terrorism must be punished and never rewarded. Terrorists must never be shown compassion or mercy, for these people have no respect for human life. The British, who ironically have themselves been victim to numerous acts of terrorism on their own soil, seem to have forgotten. They need a reminder, and protesting by boycotting travel and business with Scotland and the United Kingdom is the best way of doing so.

Americans need to respond to this outrageous miscarriage of justice and betrayal of the victims' families, who were mostly fellow Americans, by refusing to spend their tourist dollars in Scotland and avoiding any kind of business there. Boycotting is the only way to send a clear and direct message to both the Scottish and British governments that Americans will not tolerate such a flagrant betrayal.

"To my friends in Scotland; the Scottish National Party, and Scottish Prime Minister, and the Foreign Secretary, I praise their courage for having proved their independence in decision making, despite the unacceptable and unreasonable pressures they faced. Nevertheless, they took this courageously right and humanitarian decision ... my friend Brown, the Prime Minister of Britain, his government, the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth, and Prince Andrew, who all contributed to encouraging the Scottish government to take this historic and courageous decision, despite the obstacles."
Muammar al-Gaddafi, Dictator of Libya
Source: Libya's Gadhafi welcomes home Lockerbie bomber

No words can ever express the sorrow that those of us who lost loved ones in that terrible tragedy at this moment in time. To show your solidarity with the families of the victims, please spread the word to your family and friends and remind them to never forget what the Scottish government has done and to take this into account whenever they consider a trip to the British Isles.

Here in the United States, boycott all BP gas stations, since the money you spend there ends up in the pockets of those in the United Kingdom responsible for this travesty.

Mr. MacAskill, the so-called "Justice" Secretary of Scotland, you should be ashamed of yourself. You know nothing of justice, nor will we ever forgive your heinous action, and it is our sincere hope that the people of Scotland will strongly voice their opposition to what you have done. You have shown to the international community that your government and the United Kingdom as a whole will stop at nothing to pursue the neverending and relentless acquisition of oil revenues.

When will it ever end?

"On the occasion of this historic event, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Government of Scotland for taking this courageous decision ... I would also like to personally thank our friends in the British government who played an important role in reaching this day, and I can assure them that the Libyan people will never forget the courageous stand of the British and Scottish governments. I can also assure them that the friendship between our people will continue to be strengthened and that this past chapter is now firmly behind us."
Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, son of Muammar al-Gaddafi
Source: Statement by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi on the release of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi

NOTE: While most emails have thus far been very supportive, whether they be from Americans, British citizens, and many others, there have been a few British and Scottish individuals who have sent threatening and extremely defamatory messages towards American relatives and friends of the Lockerbie victims.

Lest there be any doubt, this boycott is not aimed against the people of Scotland or the United Kingdom, but against the governments of Scotland and Britain. The unfortunate reality is that initiating boycotts against the tourism, banking, and oil industries of a particular country are necessary in order to force that government to listen and understand and admit their error.

The influence of British Petroleum in this entire charade has been well known and discussed quite often, most especially in the United Kingdom. But thus far the British and Scottish legislatures have refused to take any action or admit that such commercial interests have taken precedence, rather than such dubious claims of "compassion."

To those brave souls in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom who stand against the corruption of their politicians and are willing to stand with us in protecting the memories and legacy of the victims of Pan Am Flight 103, your support is graciously appreciated.



Mr. MacAskill may be emailed at

Mr. Alex Salmond, Leader of the Scottish National Party, has also snubbed the families of the victims of Pan Am Flight 103 and dismissed our concerns. He may be emailed at

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has thus far remained silent regarding the matter, nor has he condemned the Scottish government for its reprehensible actions. Why should he, considering that his own government is complicit with the Scottish National Party in this sordid travesty?

The Office of the Prime Minister may be emailed via the following web form. According to their site, however, postal mail is preferable to email.

Oppose any attempt by American industries, particularly the oil companies, to take advantage of the Lockerbie scandal by writing to President Obama and making clear that any trade relations between Libya and the United States is an insult to the victims of Pan Am Flight 103.

In 2006 the Bush Administration removed Libya from the list of state sponsors of terror and we do not expect that this will ever be reversed by the current administration. However, the Obama Administration must take a stand and condemn any attempt by American corporations to take advantage of the current situation to justify business with a brutal regime on the grounds that the British are doing the same.

Write to your representatives in Congress and let them know that you will not tolerate any trade relations between the United States and Libya and encourage them to voice stronger condemnation of the Scottish release of al-Megrahi. 50 members of the House of Representatives are part of the Friends of Scotland Caucus.

American oil conglomerates and big business interests have long awaited a window of opportunity to exploit and the governments of Scotland and the United Kingdom have provided them with one. As tax-paying American citizens, we have the power to make sure that doesn't happen. If your current representatives are not willing to take a stand against trade with Libya, vote them out of office during the next election.

The memories of the victims of Pan Am Flight 103 will not and must not ever be desecrated in the name of corporate greed and international "diplomacy." The recent outrage and backlash against the actions of the Scottish and British governments should serve as a constant and uncompromising reminder to American politicians and corporations to not make the same mistake.

“Above all, I believe that the public are entitled to know what you think of the decision to release Megrahi, and whether you consider it was right or wrong ... The fact that the decision to release was taken by the Scottish Justice Secretary does not preclude you, as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, from now expressing your opinion on a subject that is of great public concern, and which affects Britain’s international reputation and our relations with our allies.”
David Cameron, Leader of the British Conservative Party
Source: Lockerbie bomber’s welcome home puts Brown under pressure


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National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Statement by the White House on the release of Abdel Basset Mohamed al-Megrahi

Letter from FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, to Scottish Minister Kenny MacAskill

Indymedia: Painting in Memory of Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103 by George Vernon

Tripping Up Trump: Stop Donald Trump In Scotland


The first petition reached 1,320 votes and is now closed. The second petition is still open. The Boycott Scotland campaign did not initiate these petitions, but supports the work of those who did and thanks them for their efforts.

Boycott Scotland for releasing Megrahi, Lockerbie Bomber

Scottish petition to reject the decision to release Al-Megrahi


The Anglo-Persian Oil Company

The British-instigated overthrow of democracy in Iran in 1953


Jerusalem Post: British trade unions to boycott Israeli goods

Jerusalem Post: Top Scottish trade union body supports Israel boycott

San Francisco Chronicle: Filmmakers, festivals under attack


HUFFINGTON POST: The Scots and the Terrorist: He That Pities the Brute
Quote: "Sowell quotes philosopher/economist Adam Smith: "Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent." Like many a profound truth, this one has been articulated by more than one great thinker. One insight I recall from my abbreviated Sunday school career was spoken by a Jewish sage: "He that pities the brute is a brute to those deserving pity." The Torah also says, "In the eyes of a righteous man, a vile person is despised." In today's world of moral relativism, the imperative to forgive at all costs is viewed as an automatic virtue -- at least in polite company. But the people doing the forgiving (and in this case, the freeing) on behalf of the rest of us seem more likely to choose, as beneficiaries of their benevolence, those who commit acts of abject, irrevocable evil than lesser offenders."

RICHARD MARQUISE: Response to Lucy Adams at The Herald
Quote: "I have followed your articles on Lockerbie with interest before and after we had the chance to speak a year or so ago. You have generally been fair in your reporting but the article entitled “Embarrassment to a nation or an act of compassion” causes me to want to respond. I certainly have an opinion about the guilt of Mr. Megrahi and Libya and have voiced it many times. That opinion is based on knowledge of the evidence not speculation, hypothesis or rumor which seems prevalent in the UK—both on blogs and in the media. Most people including those in the media are totally unaware of the facts of the case and even a renowned Edinburgh professor who maintains his own blog about Lockerbie has been wrong regarding some of the facts ... Your article insinuated that American families want punishment and British families want compassion. I assure you, Americans are a very compassionate people but we also believe in justice. Most Americans never lost sight of the fact that America was the target—not the UK—your citizens (as well as those from about 20 other countries) were unfortunately there. However, America lost 189 of its finest citizens and we have not forgotten that. "


New York is today the safest major city in the United States and among the safest in the world. The crime rate in other major cities has likewise continued to diminish since the 1990s. Why is the reverse happening in the United Kingdom? Why is the United Kingdom more violent than the United States? Perhaps the politicians in Scotland and the rest of the UK should show some real compassion to their own people and clean up their own mess instead of showing "compassion" to mass murdering terrorists.

THE TIMES: Scotland tops world league for violent crime

THE TIMES: Crime on rise in half of Scotland

DAILY MAIL: The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S.

DEADLINE PRESS: Scotland’s crime-ridden train network
Quote: "Scotland's sprawling network of trains and stations are being plagued by drug dealers, drunkards and sex attackers, shock new figures reveal. Hard pressed officers from British Transport Police are now dealing with almost 7000 different crimes every year – with city centre stations the main battleground."


As the facts regarding the miscarriage of justice carried out by Mr. MacAskill become more evident, increasing numbers of Scots are beginning to voice their opposition. Why did Mr. MacAskill show "compassion" to a convicted terrorist, and yet has consistently gone to great lengths to avoid displaying true compassion to his fellow Scots? Many have attempted to raise numerous cases of injustice before him, and have continued to be ignored by this so-called "Justice" Secretary.

INVERNESS COURIER: MacAskill showing us no compassion



We have been receiving many emails asking about companies doing business in Scotland to boycott. A number of people have suggested expanding the Wikipedia list of companies doing business in Scotland. There are web directories of British businesses and companies in Scotland. Visit the official Made in Scotland website for a comprehensive list.

According to the Scotsman, "Americans are the biggest contributors to Scotland's £980 million overseas tourism market, accounting for 14 per cent of foreign visitors." Already the negative effect upon the Scottish tourist industry is being sharply felt, no matter how hard the Scottish Tourist Board tries to spin the facts.

The best way to boycott the Scottish decision is to simply not travel to Scotland. Ireland has been advocated by many as the best alternative to those who regularly travel to and conduct business in Scotland. The Province of Nova Scotia in Canada, which offers a wealth of Scottish heritage and culture (the name "Nova Scotia" means New Scotland), has also been suggested as an excellent alternative. Many have advocated avoiding Scotch whisky and opting for American, Canadian, or Irish whiskies.

We have received several dozen emails from those who have expressed their intention to no longer watch or purchase the films of Sean Connery. Mr. Connery, who has long been a loud and vocal supporter of the Scottish National Party, has defended Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond's role in the Lockerbie controversy. However, he has not yet commented on whether or not he supports the decision to have released al-Megrahi. We are awaiting a response from Mr. Connery, as we believe it best to give him a chance to clarify his views. If he does indeed support the decision to release the convicted mass murderer despite the outrage in America, a country which is responsible for his artistic and commercial success, then we absolutely encourage a boycott of his films.

From the very beginning we have advocated the boycott of British Petroleum and other major British companies that have been lobbying for closer trade relations with Libya. As the news continues to unfold, more and more evidence is mounting regarding BP's role in this affair, as well as that of other major British industries seeking a foothold in the increasingly lucrative Libyan market. It has now become clear that the release of al-Megrahi was a concession made towards this end.

“The SNP Government has consistently mishandled the whole issue and has been found wanting on the international stage. If any part of Mr Salmond's Government has any connections to Libyan businesses then they need to come clean.”
Annabel Goldie, Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party
Source: Oil Ties Draw Flak in Lockerbie Case


If you wish to write to the editors of major British newspapers voicing your support for the campaign, here are the following links.



(Regularly updated everyday - check back often)

STV: Court hears hotelier glassed American guest during Lockerbie bomber discussion
Quote: ""An American student told a court an Edinburgh hotelier smashed a glass over his head following a conversation about the release of the Lockerbie bomber ... Samuel Hogue and his wife Annette were in Scotland for a wedding last August and had returned to their bed and breakfast for a drink following a night out. The 25-year-old business student said they had spent the final night of their trip to the country chatting with B&B; owner William Preston and enjoying free drinks when he was suddenly attacked. Giving evidence at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday, Mr Hogue said: "Right before the incident happened Preston was talking about the Lockerbie Bomber because earlier that week he was released from prison and he said America were going to have and unofficial boycott on Scotland and it would affect the tourism. "I was listening to him talking about the Lockerbie Bomber and the affect it would have and the only thing I said was that stinks and he stopped and looked at me and I saw the glass coming at me and it hit me on the head." "

UTICA OBSERVER-DISPATCH: Relatives of local Pan Am 103 victims join Schumer in call for BP probe

AOL NEWS: BP Lobbied Brits Ahead of Lockerbie Bomber Release

AOL NEWS: Another Reason to Hate BP: Lobbying for Lockerbie Bomber

NY TIMES: Senator Wants to Know if BP Lobbied for Release of Lockerbie Convict

YAHOO: Did BP play a role in the release of a notorious terrorist?

TELEGRAPH: Lockerbie bomber not dying of cancer after all — shock!

THE TIMES: Council rejects calls to release al-Megrahi medical records

YouTube: Libyan Anti Ghadafy Protest at UN

BBC: Syracuse University students react to release of al-Megrahi

TELEGRAPH: Gordon Brown risks reigniting Lockerbie row by meeting Col Muammar Gaddafi
Quote: ""Gordon Brown will this week risk reigniting the Lockerbie row by shaking hands with Muammar Gaddafi of Libya ... The Prime Minister is expected to meet the Libyan leader at the United Nations in New York on Thursday. Mr Brown will use the meeting to highlight Col Gadaffi’s decision to give up weapons of mass destruction. But the encounter may draw fresh anger from because of Libya’s history of supporting terrorism, including the 1988 Lockerbie bombing and IRA terrorism. Britain’s growing ties with Libya came under fire at the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth on Sunday. Ed Davey, the Lib Dem foreign affairs spokesman, said that his research suggests that that by the end of this year, Britain will have have had its “best year ever for arms exports to Libya.” Mr Davey said: "If Gordon Brown hadn't noticed, Colonel Gaddafi still runs a brutal, human rights-suppressing authoritarian regime."

THE TIMES: Libya deal was an insult
Quote: "It is an insult to WPC Yvonne Fletcher and her family, and all those who put their lives on the line for us, that the government saw her life as of less value than keeping a terrorist-supporting regime on side (“Secret deal over Yvonne Fletcher” and “Libya deal saved WPC’s killer from UK trial, News, last week). Gunboat diplomacy had its faults but at least it had guts and honesty. Libya pulled out all the stops to get its Lockerbie murderer back; we pulled out all the stops to let WPC Fletcher’s murderer off ...
At times like this I am ashamed to be Scottish. The SNP has reduced us to a laughing stock with its naive attempts at getting a place at the top table. Last year it sold a large piece of our heritage to Donald Trump. Earlier this year we were presented with the Scottish Climate Change Bill, which will eventually bankrupt the country, and we all had to squirm in our seats watching Kenny MacAskill’s monologue about the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

TELEGRAPH: Lockerbie relatives condemn Megrahi website
Quote: "He said he would do "everything in my power" to convince the public he was innocent, and published a 300-page dossier of evidence relating to an appeal he abandoned before he was freed last month ... American relatives of some of the 270 victims said they were disgusted by the "lobbying" campaign and said there was nothing new in the material published online. Rosemary Wolfe, president of Justice for Pan Am 103, said: "If he wanted to prove his innocence, he should have kept his appeal going. "That's what anyone convicted of murder or any other crime would do. He is more interested in producing all the same information that we've heard constantly over the past few years as a public relations tale. "It's a lobbying effort. It's almost as if he thinks that if he says it long enough it will become true." She claimed Megrahi and his campaign were being used as "pawns" by Colonel Gaddafi in an effort to improve the Libyan leader's international standing. "

Comment: This is exactly what those who promote the "Megrahi is innocent" conspiracy theory, long since discredited have been doing: saying it enough times, as loudly as they can in the hopes that enough people will believe it for the lie to become true. Megrahi was convicted and sentenced by Scottish judges, according to Scottish law. Not even the Scottish or British governments, which went to great lengths to release this terrorist for oil, would attempt to deny his guilt. What is also particularly interesting is that the British media continue to treat our boycott as if it hasn't started yet, by using carefully constructed sentences such as "if Americans decide to boycott the country." We hate to break it to the British and Scottish media, but thousands of Americans have long since started boycotting Scotland and the United Kingdom, canceling their vacation plans and golfing trips. Like Megrahi, the British and Scottish media hope that by making it appear as if Americans are not yet boycotting the country and saying this enough times, that it will become true. However, the harsh reality is quite the opposite. We don't expect that anyone in the British or Scottish media would report the facts, since it's obviously not in their best interests, but the more Americans hear about our campaign, which is a completely grassroots effort that is being spread almost completely by word of mouth, the more the effects will be felt across the Atlantic over the forthcoming months. What we also want to know is why the British and Scottish media are ignoring all the voices throughout the UK calling for the resignation of Kenny MacAskill and for Alex Salmond and Gordon Brown to come clean about their involvement in this scandal.

JERUSALEM POST: British trade unions to boycott Israeli goods
Quote: "Britain's 6.5-million member labor federation, the Trade Union Congress (TUC), has adopted a policy calling for a consumer-led boycott and sanctions campaign against Israel at their annual conference in Liverpool on Thursday. The TUC policy calls on the British Government to condemn the "Israeli military aggression and the continuing blockade of Gaza" and end arms sales to Israel, which it said reached a value of £18.8 million in 2008. It also calls for a ban on goods originated from the settlements and an end to the European Union's preferential trading terms with Israel. ""

Comment: While officials in the governments of Scotland and the United Kingdom have attempted to dismiss our boycott, and we've been subject to attacks and threats from zealous supporters of the Scottish National Party for daring to protest the actions of the Scottish and British governments, we don't see anyone in Scotland or in the United Kingdom in general criticizing or condemning the repeated calls to boycott Israel, technically an ally and major trading partner of the UK, by trade unions in both Scotland and and the rest of Great Britain. Many of the same people who oppose our boycott have voiced their loud support for a boycott of Israel. Is there any end to this sort of hypocrisy? We're not even a trade union or lobby group of any kind, just ordinary citizens.

PRESS RELEASE: Protesting Gaddafi's Presence at the United Nations on Sept 23, 2009
Quote: "Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc. (VPAF103) join with the American Libyan Freedom Alliance (ALFA) to Protest Gaddafi’s Presence at the United Nations on Sept 23rd in New York City. On September 23rd 2009 at 8am families of the victims of Pan Am 103 will be joining together with the American Libyan Freedom Alliance to protest Moammar Gaddafi’s attendance at the general assembly ... The American Libyan Freedom Alliance (ALFA) is a non-profit organization founded to promote democracy, human rights, justice, accountability and the rule of law in Libya. The VPAF103 and the ALFA will stand together against tyranny, terrorism and the crimes against humanity that Gaddafi continues to commit. All demonstrators will enter the UN area on 3rd Avenue at 47th Street. They then follow 47th Street to enter Dag-hammarskjold Plaza at 47th between 1st and 2nd where the protests will be taking place.""

TELEGRAPH: Government 'sold its soul' over Libya deals
Quote: ""Police officers have accused the Government of being willing "to sell its soul for trade deals" following the disclosure that Jack Straw agreed that the killer of Pc Yvonne Fletcher would not be brought to justice in Britain ... In a letter to Gordon Brown, Paul McKeever, the chairman of the Police Federation, said he was ''shocked, appalled and disgusted'' that the UK agreed the murderer would go on trial in Libya ... The agreement was reportedly struck three years ago, when trade deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds were being negotiated ... Despite repeated visits to Tripoli by Metropolitan Police officers her killer has never been brought to justice. ""

TELEGRAPH: Harris tweed maker drops 'Scottish' marketing over Lockerbie release
Quote: "Harris Tweed Hebrides said it had to “de-Scottishify” the product after receiving feedback that sales could suffer. The company, whose chairman, Brian Wilson, a former government minister, believes it was a mistake to release Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, has removed references to Scotland and Scottish imagery from its promotional material. Mark Hogarth, the company's creative director, said it had decided to focus on the brand's island heritage rather than its Scottish credentials ahead of the launch of its fashion collection in New York next month. He said that he was forced to rethink the marketing campaign because of the anti-Scottish backlash that followed the release of Megrahi, 57, who is terminally ill, last month ... Jim Walker, managing director of Walkers Shortbread, said his company had received e-mails and letters from American customers saying that they would no longer be buying its products. “We just hope that people realise that this is a decision of the Scottish government and not the Scottish people,” he said. “The whole situation hasn't done Scotland's image on the world stage much good.” William Glen & Son, the Callander-based retailer of whisky, kilts and shortbread, said customers had visited its store in San Francisco to ask for an explanation of the Scottish Executive's decision to free the bomber. ""

THE TIMES: Secret deal over killer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher
Quote: "The Libyan killer of a British policewoman will never be brought to justice in Britain after a secret deal approved by Jack Straw. The Foreign Office bowed to Libyan pressure and agreed that Britain would abandon any attempt to try the murderer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, shot outside the Libyan embassy in London 25 years ago. Anthony Layden, Britain’s former ambassador to Libya, said this weekend he had signed the agreement with the Libyan government three years ago, when Straw was foreign secretary. At the time Britain was negotiating trade deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds with Libya. The deal followed a visit by Tony Blair, then prime minister, to meet Colonel Gadaffi in March 2004 after Libya announced that it was ending its nuclear weapons programme. ""

WALL STREET JOURNAL: London and Washington at Loggerheads
Quote: "It says something about the parlous state of relations between Washington and London that a Democratic American president can use words like "lackluster," "depressing" and "dour" to describe a prime minister from the British Labour party ... Senior British military officers have complained privately to me that while Mr. Brown might be an able politician, he does not sufficiently understand the concept of leadership ... Indeed, Mr. Brown's conduct in the Megrahi scandal can be seen as yet another failure of leadership. At first, his default position was to say he had "no role" in the decision to release the Lockerbie bomber, such was his desperation to ensure he suffered no damage to his reputation. He failed to grasp that on an issue that was bound to have global repercussions, he should have made it his business to have a role, and that it was clearly in Britain's national interest for him to do so. ""

DAILY MAIL: Now the SAS has to train Libyan troops
Quote: ""The SAS is training Libyan troops, it emerged last night. The elite special forces unit has been passing on its combat expertise to Colonel Gaddafi's soldiers for the last six months. The move, another sign of the growing relationship between the UK and the oil-rich country, has appalled military veterans who recall how Libya supplied the Provisional IRA with guns and explosives to kill British soldiers. ""

GULF NEWS: Massive protest planned for Gaddafi's US visit
Quote: ""We are planning a massive demonstration in New York City when Gaddafi will arrive here. We will be joined by numerous other groups objecting to the presence of the Libyan leader on the US soil," Duggan told Gulf News. "I personally understand the motives of the US Government in trying to bring Libya into the community of peaceful nations, but that does not mean that we have to roll out the red carpet for him to strut on. He delights in rubbing salt into our wounds, and he has already misled the UN as to his intentions," said Duggan ... "On one hand, there is a worldwide firestorm of protest from those opposed to terrorism, and now this 20-year-old story ... is on the front page of virtually every paper that I know of. The people of Scotland are as angry as we US families [are], and the Scottish minister who released the bomber, certainly misunderstood the views of the citizens.""

REUTERS: Obama disappointed in release of Lockerbie bomber
Quote: "President Barack Obama expressed his disappointment to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Thursday at Scotland's release of a Libyan prisoner convicted in the Lockerbie bombing, the White House said ... The United States has expressed regret at the Scottish decision to turn over to Libya the Lockerbie prisoner, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, last month, but Obama had not done so personally to Brown. "The president expressed his disappointment over the Scottish Executive's decision to release convicted Pan Am 103 bomber al-Megrahi back to Libya," Gibbs said."

MIRROR: Tony Blair backs decision to free Lockerbie bomber
Quote: "<emTony Blair last night waded into the Lockerbie bomber row by backing the decision to free him. The former PM risked further angering the US public by insisting Abdel al-Megrahi's release was right. Mr Blair also claimed he made the world a safer place by invading Iraq alongside America."

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Oil Ties Draw Flak in Lockerbie Case
Quote: "Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, who recently released the Lockerbie bomber, has a brother who is an energy-industry executive and who has worked at firms that have pitched for oil business in Libya. The Scottish government, which has said that it made full disclosure of facts relevant to the decision, didn't disclose this relationship, and opposition politicians on Monday criticized this."

NY DAILY NEWS: Sen. Chuck Schumer to Britain: Don't buy oil from Moammar Khadafy, Libya
Quote: "Sen. Chuck Schumer on Monday called on Britain to quit buying oil from Libya to prove the Lockerbie bomber wasn't freed as part of any trade deal. "I am calling on the British government, which claims there was no trade of oil for the release of the terrorist, to guarantee that they will not bid on or accept any oil contracts with Libya," Schumer (D-N.Y.) said outside United Nations headquarters. "

NEW YORK TIMES: BP Conducts Seismic Survey Off the Coast of Libya
Quote: "BP will complete a seismic survey off the coast of Libya next month as it prepares to drill its first well in the North African country in more than 30 years amid controversy that oil and trade considerations could have played a role in Scotland’s early release of the convicted Lockerbie bomber, Ali al-Megrahi, left. BP plans to drill its first Libyan well in the second half of 2010 as part of a $900 million exploration program, a company spokesman, David Nicholas, said on Monday."

SKY NEWS: Lockerbie: Lockerbie: Gaddafi's Son Blasts British MPs
Quote: "Son of Libyan leader Col Gaddafi has branded as "disgusting" and "immoral" the British politicians asking questions about the release of the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing ... In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Saif al Islam came to the defence of Gordon Brown and his "friends" behind the release of Abdelbaset al Megrahi. In a wide-ranging interview, he said Libya would resist claims by the families of IRA bomb victims for compensation, saying the matter would be argued in the courts. "Anyone can knock at our door and ask for money. But we go to the courts. They have their lawyers, we have our lawyers.""

Comment: Saif al-Islam, the son of a tyrant who is directly responsible for numerous acts of terrorism, having to defend Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his other close friends in Scotland? Gordon Brown, Kenny MacAskill, Alex Salmond, Lord Mandelson ... these are the men whom Gaddafi and his son consider to be their "close friends." These are the men responsible for showing "compassion" to an agent of Gaddafi's criminal secret police and a convicted mass murderer of 270 people.

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(Why are there no letters of condemnation or criticism?)


As Americans, how many times have we been blasted by our so-called "allies" as being ignorant and intolerant, among many other negative attributes? Where does this hatred of America among the British (and Europeans in general) stem from? You might be surprised to find out where it all comes from, and why our "friends" so readily betray us time and time again.

TELEGRAPH: British anti-Americanism 'based on misconceptions'

TELEGRAPH: Hatred of America unites the world

FREE REPUBLIC: Why Do Europeans Hate America? Jean-Francois Revel Explains

ISABEL STEWART: The End of America Through Scottish Eyes
Comment: Who needs enemies when our friends view us this way, even those who choose to live in our country?

USA TODAY: Britain is turning on the U.S. — at its own peril
Quote: "Anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism have poisoned British politics. In a world of terrorism, the timing couldn’t be worse."

BBC: Anti-Americanism 'feels like racism'
Quote: "Typical British pub banter is one thing, says Christian Cox, but the 'pure hatred' she says is directed at her for being American is really starting to wear her down. The former model moved to London a year ago, where she is setting up her own business, and has been surprised at how some people have reacted to her nationality. Ms Cox, 29, says she has been called, among other things, 'terrorist', 'scum', 'low life', and feels that she is constantly being held to account for the actions of President Bush and for US foreign policy. This is despite the fact that she doesn't agree with the war in Iraq and didn't vote for Bush."


Constantly we are bombarded with emails from those who claim that this act of terrorism occurred on Scottish soil and thus the choice to release al-Megrahi rested solely with Scottish authorities democratically elected by the people of Scotland.

That is all very fine and well. But the vast majority of the victims were Americans on an American airliner headed for the United States. One would think that at the very least, the Scottish government would have enough respect for the American victims to take into account the American perspective, which was to not grant al-Megrahi a "compassionate" release.

It would have been far more compassionate and humane for MacAskill and his government, democratically elected by the people of Scotland (a fact we are also constantly bombarded with), to have put aside legalisms for but a moment, and simply to consider if it would have been better and more prudent to show compassion for the families of the American victims, who suffered the most losses in this tragedy, and not grant such a release for a convicted terrorist. A terrorist found guilty and convicted by Scotland's own legal system.

Why did MacAskill and the Scottish National Party desire so strongly to show compassion for al-Megrahi, but not for the American victims? Why have the concerns of the American families been so routinely dismissed and discarded? Why have we been shown such an incredible level of disrespect by the Scottish authorities?

Is it because we are Americans? Is it because America has so frequently been attacked and vilified in the United Kingdom and Europe and the Middle East? Is that what this all comes down to, the fact that we have not been shown compassion precisely because we are Americans? Compassion for terrorists, but not for the victims.

And they dare call this justice?

Demand justice for the victims of Lockerbie.

Demand the resignation of Kenny MacAskill.

Demand that BP pay the price for supporting dictatorships and terrorism.


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