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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Outfit Post: The Civil Wars

Last nite we got to go see The Civil Wars. It was incredibly delightful. They have awesome stage chemistry and Joy is the cutest thing i've ever seen. She fluidly dances to each song and evokes its meaning with her movements. John Paul looks exactly like johnny depp, which doesn't hurt anything. Their harmonies make me feel like i'm soaring above the ground. i laughed, i cried, i sweated gallons because there were 400 people packed into a tiny bar. Before the show, i got to stop in to some of my favorite vintage places in Lawrence and bought 40 new dresses for the shop! :)

i wore this. and steve documented it with his phone :) 

1950's fur collar cardigan: thrifted
silk blouse: thrifted
skirt: my mum's in the 1970's
purse: thrifted
tights: target
belt: thrifted
boots: deargolden

the pattern of this skirt is one of my favorites of all time. and the colors too.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 best friends, 2 outfits.

1980's silk dress--Rust Belt Threads 
all else is thrifted.

You know that person that totally gets you, that understands everything you say, that knows every gruesome detail about you and still likes you? well (besides steve), for me that person is Aanna. She is the Sam to my Frodo, the Meredith to my Christina, the fig compote to my goat cheese. 

She came to visit the last week of april and helped me organize my studio ( i can't wait to show you this as well!!). She's a champ. She thrifted this skirt and shortened it. and i think she looks like a ballerina of awesomeness.

yes, i did take her to happy gillis, and yes, i am changing this blog's name to "the happy gillis blog." is that a problem? :) 

 BFFS for E

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coming soon:
-bits of an organized attic.
-more adventures with aanna
-where we are in the adoption process
-i picked up a stray dog

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coming soon to AH

Here's what's coming to the old etsy shop this week :) 
i love this color scheme and i'm happy to try my hands at "collections" again. 
just email me if you want to get to it before it hits the shop: 
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

27 years.

I turned 27 today. I started out the day with a delicious brunch, accompanied by my friends Amy and Ashley. Amy wore a blouse that was my mom's in the 70's. This felt so symbolic and special to me; one of my dearest friends wearing the blouse of the woman who brought me into this world. amy went out of her way to make my birthday special even though she didn't feel well.
My friend ashley also spent the morning with us. Her dad passed away this past year and she had the kindness to ask me how my birthday felt without mine.  I'm so thankful to have a friend who cares like that. She brought such joy and laughter to our meal.

i love having a spring birthday. all the trees are in bloom for me. 

Then we were off to anthropologie; I tried these two dresses.

and then i had a picnic with my love...

i had a great chat with my mom this week. she was in labor for twelve hours with me. she went into labor at 5pm, and i came into the world with the new day that was breaking. She said the biggest thing she remembered was staring into my dad's deep blue eyes and being so calmed by him.

 i am one very lucky lady...

i feel blessed to have incredible friends and family who made this day so awesome. and... i really hope i get to become a mom this 28th year of life.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I Wore -- House Concert

i bought this dress from Daisy and Stella Vintage on etsy. 
i really debated because i always feel a bit dowdy in shirt dresses. but the grey color, eyelet detail and the rounded collar won me over. and i'm so glad it did because this is going to be a go-to dress in my closet. i just loved wearing it for the concert
thanks so much for reading! 

boots from allen company
belt= thrifted