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Add Credibility to Your Short-Term Mission Projects

THIS IS A LANDMARK OPPORTUNITY for anyone organizing short-term mission trips. In order to more effectively impact God’s world, sending entities like yours (churches, agencies, and schools) have come together to identify nationally-derived Standards of Excellence (SOE) for every type of short-term mission project imaginable.

Donors, volunteers, parents, and host receivers increasingly look for ways to assess the quality and effectiveness of short-term mission programs. By adopting the seven Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission and displaying the SOE Seal, you demonstrate your short-term missions strive for the highest Christian and moral purpose. You also join an impressive network of organizations offering opportunities for resource sharing, improved training, minimized risk, and mentoring.   

Applying the Standards of Excellence is a vital way to enhance your mission outreach and demonstrate credibility. Adopt these Standards and begin displaying the SOE Seal today.

Are You Eligible?

Groups eligible for adoption presently or in the near future:

Sending Entities

Includes: Churches, mission agencies, schools, and other Christian organizations sending short-term missionaries anywhere in the world (there are currently more than 40,000 sending entities in the United States). If you belong to any of these, you may adopt now.

Field Facilitators

Includes: Host receiving churches, field-based agencies, and other Christian organizations receiving short-term missionaries. These may be located anywhere in the world. (Adoption not available until 2011.)


Includes: organizations providing products or support services to short-term mission efforts. (Although these groups neither send nor receive short-term missionaries, they support, embrace, and promote the principles contained in the Seven Standards. Adoption coming early 2011.)

SOE Seal