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RFI Kit. Designed to cure most household problems. There are ferrite beads for telephones, stereo, TV, computers, etc. With instructions.

Ferrite CoresThese toroid (donut shaped) cores come in sizes 1/4” to 2.4” diameter and in 5 “mixes” for different frequencies. Use for baluns and wideband transformers. Also for RFI suppression.

Ferrite Beads. Small cores to put over wires and small cables. Larger beads fit over RG-58 and RG-8 to make current baluns.

Iron Powder Cores. Used to make compact inductors. More stable than ferrite. Sizes 1/8” to 4” O.D. in 10 “mixes” for use from DC to 250 MHz.

Toroid Cross Reference. To find a Palomar part number substitute for another manufacturer’s part number use this handy cross reference.

Magnetic Longwire Balun. For SWL’s (receive only) 50 KHz to 80 MHz. Matches coaxial cable impedance to long wire. Grounds static charges.

Balun Kits. Make your own 1:1 current baluns. Use from 1.8-1000 MHz.

4:1 Balun Kits. 4:1 baluns to connect your tuner to ladder line.

9:1 Balun Kit.  9:1 can be used as balun or unun.

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