Supreme Court Examines State, Local Ethics Laws()  

For the first time, the justices will consider whether a legislative vote is protected by the First Amendment. Specifically, they'll look at whether states may forbid officeholders from voting on matters that appear to involve a personal conflict of interest.


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In Deserted Libyan City, A Family Holds On To Home()  

A man walks past a shattered building in Ajdabiya.

Ajdabiya, a hub of fighting in Libya's eastern region, is a once-bustling-city turned ghost town. Most of its residents have fled the turmoil; the Saleh family is one that has chosen to stay. As uncertainty continues to engulf their homeland, this family has found security in the comfort of community.


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Around the Nation

More Deaths Reported In Violent Weather Across U.S.()  

A firefighter (left) covers the survivor of a tornado that destroyed her mobile home east of Ben Wheeler, Texas, on Tuesday. She was shaken and had some minor bruises but otherwise escaped without serious injuries.

Another wave of storms is expected from the Deep South through the Great Lakes region and could spawn tornadoes in a number of areas. That's after violent weather ripped through the South for a second straight night, killing at least five people, damaging homes and causing widespread destruction and injuries.



Nine Americans Killed In Attack By Afghan Officer()  

Afghan National Army soldiers kept watch at the gate of the Afghan air force compound in Kabul on Wednesday after an officer attacked NATO troops.

The gunman shot and killed eight U.S. service members and an American contractor after an argument at the Kabul airport, according to Afghan and coalition officials.



Flint Sit-Down Striker: 'Equal Pay, Equal Conditions'()  

Olen Ham wears a "Hands off my Pension" button as he joins workers and their supporters to protest against two-tier wages outside the United Auto Workers union Solidarity house in Detroit, last October.

The Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1937 gave life to the United Auto Workers union. GM workers gained collective bargaining rights and the contracts became models for workers in other industries. Olen Ham was one of those striking GM workers. Today, he continues to fight for worker rights.


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Middle East

Israel Closely Watches Syria Unrest()  

An Israeli man rides a tractor in the village of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights, near the Israeli-Syrian border on June 1, 2007. Some worry that political unrest in Syria could threaten peace in the area.

The border between Israel in Syria at the Golan Heights has been quiet for nearly 40 years, but some worry political instability and the popular uprising in Syria could threaten the peace. For the moment, Israel's government is saying little about the unrest.


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Digital Life

Privacy 2.0: We Are All Celebrities Now()  

Actress Reese Witherspoon is among a number of celebrities who yearn for privacy.

April 26, 2011 Reese Witherspoon is among celebrities who yearn for privacy. But with the proliferation of cellphone cameras, community-building websites, photo-sharing apps and ever-expanding companies dedicated to exposing as much of our lives and predilections as possible, we are all becoming public figures, whether we want to be or not.



Conservative Heavyweights Trade Jabs Over Taxes()  

April 26, 2011 On one side is Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, who's looking for a grand compromise to bring down annual deficits — and says the solution may involve an increase in tax revenues. On the other side is anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, who says Coburn is breaking a long-standing pledge not to raise taxes.


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