Edzo Bingo


stop it right here
never too late to come back
outside the dots
elevate the puck
active stick
traffic areas
long change in the 2nd period
desperation mode
watch this play develop
all you young players out there
get the puck in deep
speed to the outside
one and done
stick on puck
get it to the net
stick on stick
go hard
to the net
live to fight another day
stop in front of the net
get it in
get it out
net presence


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What Is This All About?

Ed Olczyk is one of the best color commentators in the NHL. We're big fans of him and Pat Foley, the Hawks' longtime play-by-play announcer. Ed has a tendency to... repeat certain phrases. Which is great for everyone new to the game of hockey. And for us longtime fans, it gives us a chance to play EdzoBingo!

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