Caught on Tape: Tsunami hits Japan port town

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Uploaded by on Mar 16, 2011

New video released shows the moment when the tsunami hit a small Japanese port town.

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  • I think he said..."Holy shit! What the **** is happening?

  • @DeadFishForBreakfast You're welcome, piece of shit troll.

  • that person on the rooftop is gone.... the whole building is gone...

  • @wickedlady4180

    Thanks captain obvious.


  • lawl owned!!!11!one!!

  • @tecnolover2642 "Sugoi powa desu" = "This is amazing power"

  • @DankMaryJane420 well, i would consider wanting illegal drugs to be made 'legal' would be very liberal indeed. Why would you push for the legalization for it? everyone with half a brain could tell you that inhaling smoke of any kind really fucks up your respiratory system. i mean, there are in fact major health reasons as to why its illegal in the U.S. Letting people get blazed out of their mind and then get behind the wheel is terrible, its bad enough that drunks already do that.

  • @adetuyi420 If you want to believe, BELIEVE, that's the message, it's as simple as that, It's good to have a comforting Faith, and in God, you have a Spiritual strength. I don't find any "downside" you seem to think there is

  • I'm not a Theologian, I can tell you that perhaps a loving family is part of why I believe in God, Others, Faith in a higher power, or anything is a tougher decision. I feel God is the creator of things bigger then ourselves. If you wonder about Sin, Since the story of Adam and Eve, in whatever form that actually took place, I feel Jesus' death is a response from God to allow his "children" to get into Heaven when Sin and the Devil rule over the Worldly domain. It's too lengthy to get into

  • i feel so bad for all japaneese

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