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Uploaded by on Mar 27, 2011

Japan tsunami ravaging the city of Kesennuma, in the northeastern part of the country.
a wall of water breaches the coastline and starts sweeping away a parking lot of cars. Sirens sound and a man's voice is heard giving alerts as the water quickly engulfs the entire area. Within minutes, the surging water has left a path of mass destruction as cars are swept away and buildings are reduced to rubble.

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  • @pugilist300 You know what would be even funnier?  Holding your head underwater for that incredibly stupid remark you vile peice of shit!!!

  • this is pretty funny! pay back is a bitch for pearl harbor

  • i was the person standing over there on the brownish building infront of the camera.

    the earthquake was fucking strong but i love earthquakes and the shaking.after the earthquake i got up a stared out the window and saw the water overflowing i said oh shit. then tried to get some things but the windows broke and the bottom floor. so i hurried my ass up to the top but for some it was to late. the rushing water was pushing the building that was also scary and then the building crashed into us!!!!

  • first its japan then another country then another country etc. untill eveery country is wiped out and we die ...... i feel so sorry for japan i always wanted to go there when i was older :(

  • Myy 70 year old mother cried

  • what has the world come to.........

    could'ent even see the whole video

  • oh my gosh. i feel bad for japan :(

  • May God almighty have mercy on all of us .

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