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Established in 1928, the Philalethes Society is the oldest independent Masonic research society in North America, serving thousands of members around the world.

With a new, contemporary design, the Philalethes magazine features thought-provoking, substantial articles on Masonic symbolism, philosophy, ritual, artwork, literature and history.

Today's Freemasons are acutely curious about the meaning of the Craft in their lives. They want to understand more deeply the profound lessons of the ritual. Greater insight into the nature of Masonic initiation requires a search for knowledge, and Philalethes is ready to be a trusted ally on that quest. Our approach is academically responsible, without being dry … traditional, without stifling creativity and new ideas.

Whether you're a new Mason or a seasoned Past Master, you will find much to enjoy in every issue of Philalethes! Sign up today.

"Just as there is a vital spark in man that defies definition or description,
so is there in Freemasonry a divine flame—a vital, living force
that transcends all descriptions."
Charles Clyde Hunt
Fellow of the Philalethes Society

New Features

Welcome to our new website. Be sure to look at our pages about the newly redesigned Journal and our hardcover bonus book, Fiat Lux.

The free sample article from the Fall 2010 issue has now been posted. It explores Thomas Paine’s perception of the Fraternity, and debates the question of his possible membership in the Craft.

We have also added a page about our proud 82-year History of Masonic education. Check back often, as new features will be added on an ongoing basis.