Raw Video: Tsunami Slams Northeast Japan

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Uploaded by on Mar 10, 2011

A tsunami triggered by a massive earthquake washed away buildings along the northeast coast of Japan. (March 11)

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  • * This is the translation of juudann2006's comment.

    We Japanese appreciate the aids from all over the world.

    Now nuclear crisis causes the shipping restrictions on farm products.

    But the exported products to overseas are absolutely safe!

    If you want to help Japan please buy Japanese products.

    That would help us much. Thank you.

  • ※だれか言葉のわかる方翻訳お願いします。


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  • @jjjgogoya0810 Check out your OWN doorstep with "CANNED HUNTING" & the 'Conklin Dairy Farm.'

    Don't be so eager to 'throw stones' Buddy!

  • @JapanChannel100

    The dolphins and whales must be cheering with their hearts and souls.

  • watch: Dying Planet 垂死的星球 - 一个垂死的星球印象

  • Thank god for the Tsunami. Thank god for 9/11. Thank god for Hurricane Katrina. Thank god for Virgina Tech Massacre.

  • Hope whales, dolphines and other fishes are safe from radiated water dumped by japanese government.

  • @YASUCITY 同感です怒りに奮えています。私は英語が出来ないので逆にいいの­かもしれませんね…

  • @AppleMacBookAir2 canada is perfect lol have you ever been there? why do you think people hate canada?

  • @PlumOrchid ill be driving my ass off if i see that shit behind me.

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