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Mount Pickering and Mount Tinsley

Mts Tinsley and Pickering in the Kepler Range

Two hitherto un-named peaks in the Kepler Mountains have now had names approved by the NZ Geographic Board to commemorate two world renowned New Zealanders in the fields of astronomy and space science.

Mount Tinsley recognises Beatrice Hill Tinsley (1941-1981), graduate of Canterbury University, Professor of Astronomy at Yale University and a world leader in modern cosmology and one of the most creative and significant theoreticians in modern astronomy.

Mount Pickering recognises Sir William Pickering (1910-2004) who was director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 22 years until 1976. He led the development of US unmanned space exploration, including Explorer 1, the first US satellite; Pioneer IV, the first successful American around-the-moon probe; the Mariner flights to Venus and Mars in the 1960s; the Ranger photographic missions to the moon; and the Surveyor lunar landings of 1966-67.

Mount Tinsley is a 1537m peak some 15km to the west of Te Anau. It is above the Iris Burn River and visible from the popular Kepler Track. Topo 50 Map CD07 GR 703598.
Mount Pickering is a 1650m peak some 20km to the west of Te Anau. It is at the head of the Tutu Burn, which flows to the South Fiord of Lake Te Anau. Topo 50 Map CD07 GR 642635.

The original proposal to name the peaks was made to the Geographic Board by Aaron Nicholson of Manapouri in early 2009 and was supported by the council of the RASNZ. Aaron has kindly supplied pictures of the two peaks


Mt Tinsley

Picture by Aaron Nicholson

Mt Pickering

Picture by Aaron Nicholson

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