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  1. I'm having a hard time differentiating this from organized crime tactic of strong arming business for a "protection" tax.
  2. it is often hard to figure out which side of this fiasco is acting more childish. the unions have the momentum at the moment. it would make sense for them to take the high road. but apparently they seem incapable of doing that. one would think that the side that stops trying to alienate people would stand to benefit greatly. our legislative leadership and union leadership needs to grow up.
  3. Fighting extortion with extortion is not the way to go guys.
  4. What a pathetic shakedown attempt. Are they going to recruit the cast of Soprano's to start visiting these places as well to threaten the owners? This move will backfire on them. If you want to run attack ads and try to recall officials you disagree with, fine. But to try to strong arm businesses that are removed from the dispute into "supporting your position or else" is just wrong. What's next? Are they going to go after homeowners with the threat that if you don't put up a yard sign their house is going to be picketed?
  5. And some people wonder why there is a negative view of unions...
  6. "These signs simply said, ‘This Business Supports Workers Rights,’ a simple, subtle and we feel non-controversial statement gives the facts at this time.”"

    Yes, that message is non-controversial at all. Forcing a business to effectively advertise their political leaning is perfectly fine. No blackmailing businesses at all here. A simple neutral stance is not fine. You're either with or us against us, right?

    Puh-lease. Talk about strong-armed tactics and bullying. You criticize the GOP for strong-armed tactics because it's so wrong. You do it yourself...well, golly gee, pot, call kettle black!

    That letter is almost comical.
  7. Doesn't this show the unions don't want you to have the freedom or right to your own view. Your organization will suffer from your lack of supporting them? Hmmm
  8. Put a sign of support in your window or we'll boycott you? That sounds like blackmail. That is not okay.

    What's next, "Put this pro-union bumper sticker of on your car or we'll bash your windows in"?
  9. When you choose up sides to play hard ball, you choose up sides and play hard ball.

    Throughout this whole process, Walker and the Fitz brothers have pretty clearly been playing hard ball. The 14 Dems countered with a pretty 'hard ball' move of their own. Recalls are playing hard ball. Skirting TROs is playing hard ball. Etc., Etc. Why should be surprised if/when the unions decide to play hard ball as well?

    (Now, as to whether it will be particularly effective, or even counter-productive...)
  10. "I've gotten a lot of threatening phone calls," Parrett said.-----Right, whatever you say.

    BTW** Sentinel Journal ** Did I miss your coverage of who it was that was sending out death threats to the Governor and other elected officials?

    Anyway, sign in window = no money out of wallet.
  11. I support public employess. This tactic on their behalf by the union is beyond stupid.
  12. WARNING: Sarcastic comment coming!

    Now who is being Hitler? Mubarek?

    (sarcasm off)
  13. What a bunch of thugs!!
  14. Dear unions: The majority of the people are on your side with regard to collective bargaining rights and union recertification votes for public employees. But these call for boycotts and similar tactics are counter productive, and will probably cause you to start losing support.
  15. BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! Show them! AMEN!! We are going to take back our state!
  16. Can you say "union thug"? Maybe these union thugs are afraid that they may have to find a job because the well is drying up?
    I will make sure to shop at the stores that don't have signs. I will also continue to patronize businesses like Kwik Trip as often as I can.
  17. And the bullying continues.
  18. may be having trouble seeing a difference because it appears you're unsure of what strong-arm means.

    (modifier) relating to or involving physical force or violence strong-arm tactics
    (tr) to show violence towards

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

    Where in that letter is there even the slightest threat of violence? We all have the right to decide what businesses we use and the letter points out there's a large group of employees who will take their business elsewhere.

    Their approach is one that I wouldn't take but reading violence into that letter is a stretch.
  19. Anyone care to explain to me how these unions aren't thugs?

    Liberals, you're in the back pockets of slimey millionaires if you're supporting these unions.
  20. No sign in my window. Politics doesn't come into play when I'm doing business with my customers.
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