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40 & Counting!

Bobbi Schaad wrote and published the first (!) article about our 40-year Reunion at the Charlie Elliot Center. Many of your classmates were there, and they missed you!

Fred Found!

Recently—and just in time for our 40-year Reunion—we found our long-lost comrade, Fred O. Bishop. You really have to read this to believe it!

OK, We’re Looking…!

For You! You need us and we need you—to be a part, again, of our little (former) high school community. These days, we are the “in”–crowd…especially with winter coming on…rapidly. So, set yourself up with our Web site (here); add some articles about yourself and yesteryear, and let us how to contact you. You won’t regret it!

  • What A Reunion!
  • Fred Bishop Found!
  • Still Searching For You
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Diane, Gail, and Ruth hangiing out in East Lake Park

What was it like back in 1970? Things were Strange. It didn’t stop us from having fun. Dancing to what we know in our hearts is really hard rock. We dreamed what we felt were large dreams in an increasingly smaller world. We grew up under the shadow of war. The phrase Draft Board was real to us and didn’t mean sudden NFL or NBA riches. An official invitation beginning with “Greetings…” meant that an all–expense–paid trip overseas to a warm climate was in your immediate future. The times got stranger with Watergate, movie stars as President, and the end of the Evil Empire.

We Want You!

Eagles want You

But only if you’re one of our “lost sheep” and only—ONLY—in the purely Platonic, social-networking sense.

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