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  1. Why don't they just re-vote on the bill now that all the democrats are back?
  2. Another trip to Illinois.
  3. sigh.
  4. i'm surprised she issued the tro. I'm not sure irreparable harm can happen. if it eventually gets overturned, the state just pays more by reinstating everything. one way or the other, it gets ratcheted up yet another notch.
  5. What a surprise, liberal Dane county judge rules in favor of the unions. Why not just take this to the Supreme court where it's going to end up anyway.
  6. Ta Da!
  7. What's the next step?
  8. yes, she will probably rule in our favor. and yes, fitzwalkers will probably
    immediately give notice of the new meeting and just call a new vote that
    won't violate open meetings rules. and they will pass it again. but, no
    matter, we are now focused on the republican RECALLS!!
  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
  10. Next step is SSC appeal which will find the same thing.
    Ta da repeat.

    ....291 to recall
  11. No surprise I guess. I call on the legislature to reconvene as soon as possible.

    See if the Fleeing 14 flee again.
  12. So sorry to hear this Scooter. Fought the law and the law won is an unfortunate reality for many. Having a lawful society does have the downfall of lawyers that go around arguing about everything. Maybe next time, hon.
  13. Why didn't they just do it legally? Post the meeting according to the 24 hour rule. We would NOT be wasting money on legal cost right now!
  14. Where was the lefts love of the legal system in Bush v. Gore or Citizens United? Oh, thats right.
  15. Democratsin2012 - It's sure is funny that Prosser isn't taking private money and Kloppenburg is taking special interest money, read unions. But that doesn't bother you, does it.
  16. "What's the next step? "

    the actual hearing of the case. then appeals based on whatever ruling comes out of the hearing. then the state supreme court. somewhere in between all of that, recall elections and then the 2012 election.
  17. Liberal activism from the bench? No way, I don't believe it!

    Let the court battle begin. Republicans followed the rules for the special session. We will win in the end. In the mean time, be sure to vote for Judge Prosser. His challenger Kloppenburg has already admitted she will further an agenda from the bench. Thank you Scott Walker and Republicans for making the hard and reasonable choices to get our state back on track.
  18. So, Jeff and Scott Fitzgerald, who is really the most shameful in the state? Those who left the state to stand up for thier principles or you, who took three weeks to figure out how to cheat the system legally, and then couldn't even manage to do that. Looks like you'll be taking another vote. Maybe this time you'll notify the Democrats and public in a legal manner? Perhaps you'll even unlock the Capitol so that the Democrats and public can get inside?
  19. and MORE good news - it just adds to the momentum of those RECALLS.
  20. What a waste of money and time!
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