• Bill Gates

    Co-Chair & Trustee, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Chairman, Microsoft Corporation


  • Carl Bass

    President & CEO, Autodesk
  • Paul Buchheit

    Partner, Y Combinator
  • Adam Davidson

    Host, Planet Money
  • Reed Hastings

    Cofounder & CEO, Netflix
  • Salman Khan

    Founder, Khan Academy
  • Andrew Keller

    CEO, CP+B
  • Johnny Chung Lee

    Interface Technology Researcher
  • Mick Mountz

    Founder & CEO, Kiva Systems
  • Chris Sacca

    Founder & Principal, Lowercase Capital
  • Martha Stewart

    Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
  • Susan Wojcicki

    SVP, Advertising, Google


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Disruption. In today's business world it's a constant force that never lets up. While we may get a break from turmoil in the economy and markets, the pace of change in business is only going to increase. So you've got a choice: You can stand still and get swamped by disruption, or you can embrace it and let the rest of the world compete on your terms.

At WIRED, we believe in the creative power of disruption. That's why it's the theme for The WIRED Business Conference: Disruptive By Design in Partnership with MDC Partners.

We think it's the force that can jumpstart our sluggish economy, restore our competitive edge, and unleash innovation that will transform the world. At this point, we aren't going to accomplish all that by simply mastering the rules of business. It's time to rewrite the whole playbook. That's what this conference is about. During panels, presentations, and interaction with the speakers, you'll see how smart organizations and executives deploy the power of disruption to pave the way to growth.