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Links to Award Winning Recipes.

While I have targeted "Award Winnining Recipies" as a measure of quality I must note that there are many great recipes that have never won an award.
These recipies are not an absolute guarantee of quality (I'm not going to call and verify each recipe is an award winner) It should be far better than a random internet search and possibly finding a recipe that may have never been brewed. I would also include recipes by noted brewers, such as Renner's CAP, and Jamil's Recipies.

Award Winning Recipes (Indexed) (A work in progress)

Top Rated Home Brewers

Chris P. Frey's Recipes
Denny Conn's Recipes
Jamil's Recipes 2004 AHA Ninkasi Award Winner

Homebrew Club Sitess

C.R.A.F.T. Recipes C.R.A.F.T. - Clinton River Association of Fermenting Trendsetters
Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers Recipes
Maltose Falcons' Recipe Archive

BeerContestDB Recipe Book This DB contains other than award winners but the winners are clearly marked

Michigan State Fair 2004 Winning Recipes
Michigan State Fair 2003 Winning Recipes
Michigan State Fair 2002 Winning Recipes
Michigan State Fair 2001 Winning Recipes
Michigan State Fair 2000 Winning Recipes
Michigan State Fair 1999 Winning Recipes

2007 Upper Mississippi Mash-Out
2006 Upper Mississippi Mash-Out
2005 Upper Mississippi Mash-Out
2004 Upper Mississippi Mash-Out
2003 Upper Mississippi Mash-Out
2002 Upper Mississippi Mash-Out

2006 Minnesota State Fair
2005 Minnesota State Fair
2004 Minnesota State Fair
2003 Minnesota State Fair

Titletown Open BOS recipes c/o Green Bay Rackers

The 2001 Drunk Monk Challenge Victors

Jeff Renner's CAP (Classic American Pilsner) Novembeerfest 1996 Recipes

Bluebonnet Brew-off Winning Recipes

Jean Sebastiens & M�lanie's award winning recipes

Mike�s Homebrewing Page (Award winning recipes, middle of page)

CARBOY Recipes

Award Winning Recipes brewed with Paddock Wood ingredients

WINNING RECIPES From the Western New England Homebrew Competition

Award Winning Beer Recipes from Brewpubs For Travelers

Clones from Breweries

Here come the clones


Rob Beck's CAP1st Place MCAB VII
Revenge Barley Wine BEST OF SHOW" at the 1995 Santa Rosa Brewfest
Porter 7 - Ray Mills
Competition Corner: Steve Piatz Steve Piatz' Bavarian Weizen
Competition Corner: Jeff Swearengin Jeff Swearengin's Wildcat Wheat
Competition Corner: Curt Stock Curt Stock's Gatekeeper Memorial Porter
Competition Corner: Jamil Zainasheff Jamil Zainasheff's Schwarzbier
Competition Corner: Joe Formanek Old Grandma's Amber Ale