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moodboard2I think it’s about time I started planning somewhere for the baby to sleep. I have less than eight weeks to due date now, and I’ll need every one of them to get myself organised. I’m not bothering with a full nursery at this stage – I like my babies to spend their first six months or so in arm’s reach. Mainly because I’m too lazy to go any further for midnight feeds, but also because I just like them nearby so I can hear them and see them. And with two other children in the house, it’ll be quieter at our end of the house than their own…

So, Bubble will be sleeping along a wall in our bedroom. The wall my desk is on – I’ll have to squish it into the corner near my bed and hope for the best. But I’ll do something to dress it up a little bit. It needs to fit in with the style of the room already, so black, white, grey and natural wood will feature and I’m keen on some icy blues too. That colour scheme should work for a girl or boy. Whenever I do get around to planning a proper nursery, I’d like the above colour palettes for either sex. Actually, the boy’s version is pretty much how it’ll be now and I can just add the pink and peach if it’s a girl.

The wall will be white, the cradle I’m planning to paint a dark matte grey and at this stage, the linen will probably be white and icy blues – I’m on the lookout for some cool fabric in the right colour palette to whip up some sheets. So that’s the base, and here are some features I’d love to incorporate…


1. Tiny bunting on the cradle/cot I love buntings, but like this version – tiny and tied across the outside of the cot. Plus, I have a whole box of tiny scraps of fabric I can’t part with that will do the trick nicely. I also love the grey sheepskin in this pic. I think it’s been made into a cloud – sweet! {Image via Lifeflix - check it out for more pics of this sweet nursery}

2. Origami paper boats Either strung across the wall, like this or made into a mobile, I love little paper boats. This will also be quicker (I think) than the papier mache one I really want. Either boats or cranes. Maybe even stars. Will have to check out some origami tutorials!! {Image via Domestic Stories with Ivy – you will get lost in Ivy’s beautiful images and want to move into her home}

3. Rustic recycled wood crates We still have fence palings left over from the cubby and my table, so I’m thinking they’ll work well whipped into new shape as crates like these ones. Left natural or possibly really lightly white-washed. {Image via French By Design}

4. Writing that runs on I love the Star Light, Star Bright poem and also when words run into each other. Am thinking a combination of the two might look sweet handpainted onto the wall similar to this (minus the trees – no space). {Image via Poppies For Grace}

moodboard35. A curiosity box I’d prefer to find a vintage one, but if all else fails, I might have a go at making one (or getting Steve to). I love the idea of teeny tiny little knick knacks being displayed so cutely. {Image via Line und Liv}

6. Branch hanger I was originally going to steal back the little wardrobe from Layla’s room as it’s the perfect size for babies. But she likes to hide in it (and, um, occasionally, wee in it – the joys of toilet training!) and it’s the perfect size for her, so I’m going with a hanging branch for a select few items and a shelf or two in my wardrobe for the rest. {Image via Love Aesthetic}

And there we have it. I also have my mum’s wooden rocking chair – handy for rocking bub to sleep and will no doubt think of a few new things. One question: the boy’s version could do with another colour, do you think? I’m thinking maybe peach (there’s a peachy tone in the top image). Any suggestions?

Belinda x
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Image credits for top moodboard
Girl’s room: 1. unknown (sorry); 2 Ashley Ann Photography; 3. J. Crew
Boy’s room: 1. Amanda McLauchlan; 2. Ink + Wit; 3. J.Crew

20 Responses to “nursery corner inspiration boards”

  1. shellbells says:

    hey chicki…have been checking your blog out regularly for ages now….love love love your style…I was inspired by ashley anns bedroom too and did my version of bed header for my little chicken….loads of fun….hope the rest of your pregnency goes smoothly…enjoy…xx

  2. lanne says:

    Love it.. can’t beleive baby is so close!! time flies. I was a lil concerned about the tiny bunting over the cot.. (choking hazard?) other than that… you made me want a new baby .. As for the additional colour.. maybe an orange ?

  3. Holly says:

    I love the style! I agree with lanne about the bunting being a chocking hazard though. maybe hanging it over a window or something, not on the crib. Love the color schemes.

  4. Emma says:

    Wow, eight weeks to go. That has flown by. Enjoy this nesting time, it is wonderful. Hugs, Emma. PS. Happy new year!

  5. Emma says:

    Sounds awesome Belinda – I love the tree branch and the running script words :)
    Beautiful colour pallette, love peach for girls and the colour of your cradle sounds really unexpectant and cool!

  6. Such great ideas – can’t wait to see photos of the finished products!

  7. I’ve just started painting my #2 nursery today…..due in 5 weeks and have been putting it off!
    A dirty orange would go with the boys colour scheme…

  8. Maria says:

    This is great timing for me as I’m doing my nursery at the moment..thought I’d get a head start now so I’m not stressing about it later. I’ve posted some ideas on my blog. I’m keeping it all white (so I don’t have to paint the room again hehe…it’s painted dulux antique white usa) and adding colour with accessories. I love the colours you’ve chosen..I think that first dusty pink colour could work well with the boys colours xx

  9. la la love it all… i am so into branches, trees inside, etc. I love this particular idea.. might have to give it a try too! Can’t wait to see what you do.

  10. Alison Gibbs says:

    Oh I love the branch idea, it looks fabulous

  11. Tina@Noosh says:

    Belinda – it’s divine. The boy scheme needs nothing. Less is more. Have faith in your eye – the first go is often the best. I love it all and your baby is blessed to be born to such an aesthetically pleasing environment. BEst of luck with the final leg of the journey – can’t wait to meet him/her through the blogosphere… x

  12. Georgy says:

    Both mood boards have a good combination of colour. So close now, good luck with the last weeks. G

  13. Belinda says:

    thanks guys! lanne + holly – you’re right about the bunting on the cot. I’m usually the first person who tells others “you can’t have stuff on or above the cot!” but got blinded by the prettiness. will rethink and maybe place it at the ends which are not cut-out or something…

  14. Kylie says:

    I agree with the previous comment- I love the colours you’ve got for a boy. If you did want to add another, the orange sounds like a great idea, but I also wondered about a dusky sage green. THat would fit with your current pallete as well.

  15. Rachel says:

    These inspiration boards are lovely! Love the branch idea too. Can’t wait to see what bub is and what the nursery area turns out like.

  16. Two Tuesdays says:

    You’re ace to be even contemplating this with only 8 weeks to go!

  17. Claire says:

    Loving this post! We are going to be bringing our newborn bub home to a one bedroom apartment when s/he arrives in five weeks or so, and this is just the encouragement I needed to realise that I can still create a beautiful space for them.

  18. ivy style33 says:

    Hello dear Belinda :)
    What a great post as usual from you!

    Wishing you the happiest of New Years and all goodness to come your way in 2011!
    Also wishing you the most lovely rest of 8 weeks to go till the big day!

    I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and nice words about the little paper boats and my pictures. Returning on line and catching up little by little day by day, it has been a lovely start to be a part of your beautiful world and your wonderful blog!

    Thank you :)
    Many warm regards,
    Iro {Ivy ytyle33}

  19. Lauren says:

    Hi! I am working on a nursery too and I was wondering if you know how they make tree branches work inside…is it a real tree branch or a fake one? I think it is a fabulous idea, for those of us who have little spaces for little people!

  20. Looks great! Perhaps for the boys room you could choose a shade of green that would work with your colour scheme… (I have seen it done with muted red – but I am heistant to use red in babies rooms!).

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