Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

It's been months since I gave everyone an update on the Second Life viewer on Solaris. So here it is...

First, you need to know that the viewer is now available outside Sun. The pre-built packages are now available off of, see Jeff Barr's blog entry for the details. I want to thank these folks for putting the effort in and making the viewer available to everyone.

If you want to build the viewer yourself, please refer to my past posts on building the libraries and tweaking SConstruct. As for the patches themselves, I've submitted them under Second Life "jira" issues and, as such, I ask that you download the patches from there. The issue numbers are:

  • VWR-4800 - Use Solaris kstats when running on Solaris
  • VWR-4802 - add definitions for stricmp and strnicmp
  • VWR-4804 - Add necessary includes to llsys.h
  • VWR-4805 - add LL_SOLARIS to #if in lltimer.h
  • VWR-4806- llvfs changes
  • VWR-4807 - add Solaris to #if in llglstubs.h
  • VWR-4808 - featuretable_solaris.txt patch
  • VWR-4809 - llfloaterreporter.cpp
  • VWR-4810 - add Solaris required changes to llappviewer_linux.cpp
  • VWR-4811 - add LL_SOLARIS to #if in llfilepicker.cpp
  • VWR-4812 - include llstring.h in llfloateranimpreview.cpp
  • VWR-4813 - include llstring.h to llfloaterimagepreview.cpp
  • VWR-4814 - include llstring.h in llfloaternamedesc.cpp
  • VWR-4815 - add Solaris specific platform to llfloaterreporter.cpp
  • VWR-4816- include Solaris in llstartup.cpp
  • VWR-4817 - don't include gMovieMaker on Solaris builds
  • VWR-4818- add LL_SOLARIS to #if in llfilepicker.cpp
  • VWR-4819 - add LL_SOLARIS to linux #if in moviemaker.h
  • VWR-4820 - add solaris_tools to newview
If you want the latest audio updates, I suggest you refer to VWR-2662 for the latest patches. Be sure to read the comments included in VWR-2662 so that you get everything you need. The patches are added in the order documented in the jira issue, the result is a viewer with OpenAL supported audio as well as GStreamer supported audio streaming. However, streamed audio only works on OpenSolaris because the GStreamer support in SL requires GStreamer 0.10 (delivered in OpenSolaris) and Solaris 10 currently supports GStreamer 0.8.

Seriously, save yourself a bunch of time, and just take the pre-built packages mentioned above. Attempting a SL build can induce sleeplessness, outbursts of frustration, and possible tears.

My plans for the future work on the Second Life viewer depends priorities here at Sun. I have plenty of other work on my to-do list so we'll see. But if I do get the thumbs up, I plan on doing the following:

  • Reduce the number of libraries included in the SL package in favor of those bundled with OpenSolaris under the Project Indiana initiative.
  • Add patches to the cmake branch of the Second Life build tree. yes, that's right, SCons is no longer going to be used to build SL. I'm not sure I like cmake but it does provide a good cross-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux, and Solaris) build environment.
  • See what, if anything, can be done to get the Linux version of the Vivox client working under Solaris. I'm thinking that perhaps Project Indiana may help here.

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