Dandelion Cultivars

Here are some recommended cultivated dandelion varieties, for the real connoisseurs.

‘Amélioré à Coeur Plein’ – Yields an abundant crop without taking up much ground, and tends to blanch itself naturally, due to its clumping growth habit.

‘Broad Leaved’ – The leaves are thick and tender and easily blanched. In rich soils they can be up to 60cm wide. Plants do not go to seed as quickly as French types.

‘Vert de Montmogny’- Long dark green leaves, some find them mild enough to be palatable without blanching. Vigorous and productive.

‘Thick Leaved’ – longer and more closely resembling a chicory

‘Arlington’ – also resembling chicory, larger milder and more tender than the wild dandelion

Dandelion chicories come under a variety of shapes and forms and are popularly cultivated due to their qualities of hybrid size and vigour and usually milder tastes, making them more commercially credible.

Some dandelion chicory cultivars include Cicoria Catalogna, San Pasquale, Red-Ribbed and Puntarella.

Catalan chicory is very similiar to wild dandelion, but has larger leaves and shares the distinctly bitter taste.

Red Dandelion, has a red ribs and keeps its bright red colour when cooked.

Other dandelion cultivars include

  • Lyonell
  • Palmares
  • Tapeley
  • Catalogna Frastagliata