About Piarco International Airport

Welcome to Piarco International Airport. Its fairly new terminal stands out like an eagle on the Caroni plains.This airport is set against a backdrop of the Northern range in the north and, as such, the view before landing is breath taking.

As you make your way down the arrival corridor you will notice our walls are full of our country's history which is rich in culture. The murals displayed will give one a closer look at the past, present and future achievements of our people. These images may haunt you yet awaken your senses to what Trinidad has to offer.

After clearing with immigration officials, do notice our duty free shops. They carry a variety of items that range from perfumes and cosmetics to eye wear and foot wear.

At this point you may probably think that you are in a party, but that is the Trini culture those sweet tunes come from Rhyner’s Record shop and it is a mere sample to what can be heard as you peruse the streets of Port of Spain, our capital.

If you have time, kindly visit the atrium which is not only the main point of the facility but also the hub of activity where exhibitions are set up complete with entertainment, exhibitors and a plethora of persons eagerly sifting through current displays.

If you have any further questions about the island, the Tourism Development Company's office is situated just outside of the Customs Hall. The office is open between the hours of 8:00am to 10:00 pm daily.

Do enjoy your stay and thank you for choosing Trinidad.

Piarco International Airport, Trinidad is the largest and most modern airport in the Caribbean region. It is located in Piarco, about 25 km east of the capital city, Port of Spain.

With the addition of Delta Airlines in December 2006, there are now nineteen international airlines that serve twenty-seven international destinations operating out of Piarco.

The new North Terminal which was completed in 2001 and was commissioned, consists of

  1. 14 second-level aircraft gates with loading bridges from the aircraft to the terminal building for international flights
  2. 2 ground level domestic gates,
  3. 82 ticket counter positions and
  4. A Flight Information Display System.

At Piarco International Airport, there are 2 high speed taxiways and 3 connector taxiways which meet the ICAO Code F for new large aircraft.

The airport facilitates both international and domestic flights and in 2008 the passenger throughput at Piarco International Airport was approximately 2.6 million.

Air Traffic Statistics


Passenger Movements 2001-2008


2001 1,317,,811 153,165 417,300 1,888,276
2002 1,358,644 158,981 451,506 1,969,131
2003 1,431,727 144,387 584,567 2,160,681
2004 1,544,286 152,798 710,026 2,407,110
2005 1,607,300 156,109 609,602 2,373,011
2006 1,602,242 155,014 607,087 2,364,343
2007 1,598,595 158,922 630,927 2,388,444
2008 1,728,777 188,703 648,720 2,297,796
TOTAL 12,189,382 1,268,079 4,391,331 17,848,792


Cargo Movements 2001-2008

2001 15,386 15,888 31,274
2002 16,292 16,389 32,681
2003 15,743 15,748 31,491
2004 16,271 16,287 32,558
2005 15,638 15,613 21,251
2006 16,515 16,510 33,025
2007 15,053 15,137 30,190
2008 15,808 15,861 31,669
TOTAL 126,706 127,433 254,139


Fast Facts

Opening Date

08 January 1931


Piarco, Trinidad






10° 35’ North


61° 20’

Total Area

680 Hectares (1,760 acres)


17.4 m above sea level

Runway Direction


Runway Length

3,200 m

Runway Width

45.7 m

No. of Aircraft Stands