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The Beast has Just Arrived - Ayodhya Burns | Album Review

HEATHEN BEAST is a Mumbai based trio of musicians who choose to play a unique form of Black Metal. Their EP, called Ayodhya Burns indeed testifies the band’s absolute abhorrence towards all section of religion.

 Album opener Blind Faith opens with a grandeur and overpowering guitar riff, which has an unmistakeable oriental feel to it. The riff builds up the atmosphere along with the bass-lines and the double bass fills. Soon it morphs itself into the ‘beast’ that it was planned to become and
bangs the ears of the listener with devastating sonic force.  Lyrically, the song reflects traces of The Ramayana and vocalist/guitarist Carvaka’s Black Metal-esque snarls and shrieks seem apt for a song of this kind. The song marches forward, decimating anything in its path.

The second song entitled, Religious Genocide leaves no room for serenity, as it rips through your brain as a thousand arrows would. Mimamsa drums like a possessed percussive creature and creates a maelstrom of blast-beats and double bass fills. However, amidst all this calculated chaos, there is a subtle trace of melancholic melody, which should set the band apart from their ilk. 

Ayodhya Burns, the last song of the EP starts with an almost hypnotic guitar interlude, accompanied by chants and soon Carvaka’s shriek deletes every bit of the aforementioned calmness. The song progresses with an ethnic ferocity and successfully impresses anyone who is a fan of melodic and heavy music.

The band is at the right place, from a musical point of view, however personally speaking they could’ve done a much better job lyrically. Keeping that away from the mind, this band that plays Atheistic Black Metal, should soon be recognized for their EP. The EP is available for free download and would be released on the 26th of November this year.

The beast is here and it’s hungry!