Production and Characterization
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Breakout Session 4

Specialized Characterization Methods for Biochar

John McClelland

Molecular Spectroscopic Analysis of Biochar Formation

John McClelland is Group Leader, Applied Molecular Analytics Group, Ames Laboratory-USDOE and Institute of Physical Research and Technology, both located at Iowa State University where he is also an adjunct professor in Mechanical Engineering. Research interests are in the area of analytical instrumentation and methods development. They involve FTIR photoacoustic and near infrared (NIR) spectroscopies, atmospheric pressure real-time mass spectrometry and GCxGC used in a wide range of studies recently including fast pyrolysis of biomass, seed screening for plant breeding, forensic analyses of inks, and aging of aircraft composites. Dr. McClelland splits his time between Iowa State and two companies he founded, MTEC Photoacoustics, Inc. and a subsidiary, MTEC BioAnalytics.

Y. Ping Hsieh

Characterizing Biochar by a Rapid Multi-Element Scanning Thermal Analysis

Y. P. Hsieh is a professor of wetland ecology at the Florida A&M University. During the last 30+ years, he has studied the dynamics of carbon cycle in ecosystems using the “bomb” radiocarbon signature and stable C isotopes; identified chemical and biological indicators for changes in coastal environments with special reference to the effects of freshwater inputs, sea-level rise and metal toxicity. He developed the multi-element scanning thermal (MESTA) method to quantify and trace biomass burning emitted particulate matter (smoke) and black carbons. He studied sulfur chemistry and sulfate reduction in wetlands and sediments with implications to heavy metal bioavailability and toxicity mitigation.

Isabel Lima

Effect of Nitrogen Flow Rate on the Physical, Chemical, and Adsorptive Properties of a Broiler Manure Char

Isabel Lima is a research chemist with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, ARS, Southern Regional Research Center, SRRC in New Orleans, Louisiana since 2001.  She works in the Commodity Utilization Research Unit, led by Dr. Thomas Klasson.  Her research project involves finding value-added alternatives for the disposal of agricultural waste, specifically animal manures, such as developing biochars and activated biochars from animal manures for environmental remediation with focus on removal of heavy metals.  Her main fields of interest are thermo-chemical conversion, pyrolysis and activation and waste water treatment.