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A Web Designer on Fukushima

A Web Designer on Fukushima

I’m not a nuclear expert. I am a 40-year-old Swiss Web designer, with a degree in philosophy, living in Tokyo. And I’m a father of a two-year-old boy. I was kind of nonchalant about nuclear energy so far, but not anymore. For obvious reasons. I’ve read a lot recently; it’s hard to understand the discussion. I’m not talking about technicalities. One can learn the basics pretty quickly. I’m more confused about the overall logic of the debate. The debate about our future. What I’d like to know: Is more technology really the right solution? Don’t we have enough technology? What is it that we are really lacking? Read more

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All Japan-based employees of iA are doing well. We are however all but untouched by the current events. The many well-wishes of friends and clients help us a lot and we want to thank you for that. Most of our employees have left Tokyo to the South by now. If the situation should get dramatically [...] Read more – ‘How We Work Now’.
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