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05.06.11 -- 3:01PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (22)

Ummm, that's a Problem

Turns out that once you take Medicare Phase-Out out of the Ryan Plan, it doesn't even balance the budget. And that's even if you make the highly dubious assumption that his big new upper income tax cuts don't reduce revenue.

Seems worth noting, no?

--Josh Marshall

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DeMint on Romney: That Man Hoodwinked Me!

How did Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), avid opponent of President Obama's health care reform and Mitt Romney's version of it from Massachusetts, manage to support 'RomneyCare' as recently as 2007? DeMint's latest angle is to say that Romney somehow fooled him into supporting it. The record says otherwise.

--Josh Marshall

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Trying to Find Some Angle, Any Angle

John Yoo, notorious torture advocate, says President Obama made a big mistake killing Osama bin Laden.

--Josh Marshall

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Going There

Wisconsin Dems alleging signature fraud in recalls.

--Josh Marshall

05.06.11 -- 11:49AM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (6)

Strong Words

Sen. Levin (D-MI) says he believes people at "high levels" of the Pakistani intelligence services knew the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. He plans on opening an investigation.

--Josh Marshall

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Getting On Board

The NEA, the nation's largest union, takes first steps to endorsing Obama in 2012.

--Josh Marshall

05.06.11 -- 10:32AM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (6)

What It Means

David Leonhardt has the key takeaways on today's new unemployment numbers.

--David Kurtz

05.06.11 -- 9:50AM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (5)

TPaw et alios

4th tier GOP candidates and Tim Pawlenty meet in South Carolina for one of the first debates of the 2012 GOP presidential primary season.

--Josh Marshall

05.05.11 -- 5:02PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (23)

Trump Hits a Wall at Indy

I've gotten used to every Trump story being totally bizarre. So I guess this one shouldn't surprise me. It turns out Trump's birtherpalooza run has cost him his role as honorary pace car driver at this year's 100th annual Indianapolis 500.

--Josh Marshall

05.05.11 -- 4:52PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (22)

Schumer to Cantor: You Vote It You Own It

Sen. Schumer tells House Republicans they won't let them sweep their Medicare Phase Out vote under the rug.

--Josh Marshall

05.05.11 -- 4:35PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (15)

Sen Dems Offer Cantor Resounding Pat on Head

48 Senate Democrats have sent a letter to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) applauding his decision to drop Paul Ryan's Medicare Phase Out Plan.

--Josh Marshall

05.05.11 -- 2:55PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (23)

Koch Dumps on Obama

TOP GOP moneyman David Koch (the real one, not a crank caller) says President Obama deserves no credit for the bin Laden raid, but Koch says he does find Obama "scary."

--Josh Marshall

05.05.11 -- 2:48PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (18)

Leave Medicare Phase-Out Alooooone!

Cantor says Medicare Phase-Out push falling victim to Obama's attacking the idea so many times.

--Josh Marshall

05.05.11 -- 2:40PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (5)

The Birth of Picturism?

The Deputy Leader of Canada's new main opposition party, the (in American terms) left-liberal NDP, has come up with a whole new angle on bin Laden death conspiracy theories. He doesn't doubt that bin Laden is dead and that US forces killed him ... only that we've really got pictures.

Sort of like the commandos had everything figured out but forgot to bring a camera?


--Josh Marshall

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The Latest Updates

We're doing running updates on today's events at Ground Zero and at the Pentagon in our TPM Live-Updating bin Laden Wire.

--Josh Marshall

05.05.11 -- 1:30PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (35)

Has A Certain Ring To It

TPM Reader MO just wrote in ...

Is the GOP message now that if only they controlled the Senate and the White House as well they would phase out Medicare? Is that their '12 campaign message?

I guess it sort of is.

--Josh Marshall

05.05.11 -- 12:59PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (14)

Now Boehner

Now Boehner bails out on plans to end Medicare.

Late Update: In the annals of desperate tweets, Speaker Boehner just tweeted this ...

Saving Medicare off the table? Absolutely not. Nothing is off the table except raising taxes. Tax hikes will hurt economy & job creation.

The weird thing is that I didn't realize that spittle could be embedded in a tweet. But the API gets more powerful by the day.

--Josh Marshall

05.05.11 -- 12:34PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (10)

Trying to Thread the Needle

Eric Cantor's spokesman Brad Dayspring tells TPM that Republicans are still behind the Ryan Plan to phase-out Medicare and replace it with private insurance. The issue, he says, is simply that they realize it can't get past this president.

That sounds like a logical enough point. But I don't think it disguises the fact they're jettisoning phase out as a real-world policy goal, at least before 2013. As noted earlier, House Ways & Means Chair Dave Camp says he's not going to waste time pushing it through committee -- not wasting the time or exposing Republican Reps to unnecessary political danger.

But remember, all but six Republican members of the House voted for the Budget Resolution that includes the Ryan Medicare Phase-Out Plan. They're on the record. They supported it. You can go on the record supporting it and take the votes or you can pass on that. I don't see any getting around the fact that the House Republicans just shifted gears from option one to option two.

--Josh Marshall

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