Randy Newman - Political Science

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Uploaded by on Mar 7, 2008

From the Lyle Lovett Sound Stage DVD (2004)




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  • No one understands what humor and irony are anymore lol.

  • Lunch, Oh Lunch

    Let's all eat a bunch of lunch

    Are you hungry, cuz I'm hungry

    Hungry for a big ol juicy lunch

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  • we got osama!!! USA! USA! USA!

  • @redkarl73ivan Poland has anything with this? I am from Poland BTW.

  • @JBBJGWC lol youre a funny american


  • the only country with a special lane for kangaroos on freeways :D

    jks i know but it would be nice :(

  • Heh. This song is almost forty years old, and it STILL applies.

  • Wonderfull, some of the comments on here....Let's ask Randy Newman to write a song about 'we only need two friends in the world - Poland and Israel'. LOL...I am just waiting to hear this at a Tea-party rally..Ooops, I didn't realise it was satire :-)

  • Satire is fantastic

  • @dilwich123 All that matters is if the message gets across.

  • @JBBJGWC This is the Archie Bunker of songs. Created to poke fun at a certain group, and in response that group embraces it.

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