a peek at bubble’s “nursery”


It’s only a small peek – and chances are you saw on Facebook last week. But seeing as I’m too fat and annoyed to blog something new, this is it for today. My due date came and went on Saturday, so I’m now officially overdue and a little concerned about the fact that all the baby is doing in there is GETTING BIGGER! Cause, you know, it has to come out and that hurts.

Anyway, here is how my room looked last week. Pretty, huh? Especially when Layla took everything out of my hospital bag “is this Bubble’s? Soo cute!” and spread it everywhere. I’ve had to move my desk closer to my bed which is good for reading emails from bed, but a little squishier looking. And so Bubble gets the wall from the wardrobes to the desk – not a lot of space, but luckily newborns don’t need too much!



I painted the cradle a matte grey – I mixed chalkboard paint, a white and Porter’s Donkey Grey to get it. I just threw them in a cut-down soft drink bottle and mixed and added and mixed until I liked the colour! And the “wardrobe” is a piece of driftwood Zak and Steve bought home from one of their Man Vs Wild kayaking adventures to a little mangrove mound near our home that Zak named “Beach Island”. Bless him. I hung it from the ceiling (note to self: nine months pregnant and ladders don’t mix very well. very unstable!)


I love teeny tiny clothes hanging up so dressed up those padded hangers with an assortment of neutral ribbons and hung up some little basic outfits. The rest will go on the shelving below (which I plan to add to), or in my wardrobe – I’ll force myself to make some room if I have to! If I ever open a baby store, I’d imagine it’d look something like this! I love, love hanging branches…


So at least Bubble now has a place to sleep and a few things to wear. I haven’t done anything else that I planned to do for this space just yet, but we’ll get there eventually. Might as well wait to see its sex now we’re so close (hopefully!)!

Belinda x
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{Images by Belinda Graham for The Happy Home}

30 Responses to “a peek at bubble’s “nursery””

  1. theaxx says:

    oh cuuuuuute!

    Love that little branch. Simple, clean, organic and all the baby clothes… well it’s all your fault I’m clucky today ;)



  2. Blue Fruit says:

    that branch is so clever! It looks amazing ~ and so much nicer than a chrome rod.

    Love the grey colour that you mixed up too! A lovely warm, soft colour.

  3. Tina@Noosh says:

    Gorgeous Belinda! I was thinking of you and Bubble on the weekend – sorry to hear he/she isn’t punctual. Hope it happens soon and goes fast and painfree…x

  4. Penelope says:

    Those clothes on the branch look adorable! The grey is so soft and gentle, perfect for a baby. Good luck, late babies are such a drag!

  5. It looks really gorgeous. You have some cool ideas there and I just LOVE the grey.
    Best of luck with the birth.

  6. I LOVE the branch. Simply beautiful : )

    - Amber

  7. Liz says:

    Just gorgeous, simple and sweet! Good luck with the birth, hopefully it’ll be quicker and easier as its a subsequent birth. :)

  8. Danielle says:

    Your still here :p hopefully not for long. I love the grey and the wood, I see a new trend.

  9. Danielle says:

    AND good luck.

  10. SquiggleMum says:

    I {heart} hanging sticks and branches too.

    Thinking of you as you await the arrival of your precious pebble. (I always go over my due date…)

  11. Best of luck Belinda and for what its worth, silly exercise worked for me…. a loooong walk with Fern and a bikeride (ok, maybe dont try that one at home) with Elliott. Both came within hours of said event. A few days b4 their due dates! Heres hoping for a small ‘un, for your sake…. ;)

  12. Maria says:

    Good luck Belinda!

  13. Christina says:

    Ooooooooo this is nice. Good luck.

  14. The hanging branch looks so cool. Love it. And hope all goes smoothly and you aren’t waiting for much longer! Sleep well. :)

  15. The driftwood ‘wardrobe’ is so cuuuutttttteeeeeeee!! Good luck to you !

  16. lanne says:

    Hoping the next few days go smoothly for you… the wardrobe is so sweet… .if I was a baby.. i would make my way out just to see it in person. Hope this week is full of rest and snuggle cuddles with a newborn.

  17. Claire says:

    Nursery looks heavenly. I was in exactly the same position as you just over a week ago – overdue & over it! Am now nursing my handsome little man as I type this. Remember – this too shall pass and goodluck!

  18. Miss Walker says:

    So, so gorgeous!

  19. too cute! I’m thinking of you xxx

  20. Jasmin says:

    LOVE the branch idea, it’s so sweet also loving the colour you came up with for the crib perfect for a baby girl or boy, hope everything goes smoothly for you! xx

  21. Nadine says:

    So very cute!

  22. Anneke says:

    Oh i love the grey palette its so whimsical and peaceful. The cradle looks beautiful, thanks for sharing the colour mix. All the best for the birth! Im putting my bests on boy………. :)

  23. I love that hanging branch!!!
    Best of luck :)

  24. diana says:

    beautiful idea with the branch…a great idea for an organic/green baby store! i have the Oeuf Sparrow crib in grey and it would look amazing with your branch detail in the decor…the hangers look great too. hope that you are doing well!

  25. So pretty and peaceful looking! I really love the look of the driftwood branch – you are right there… there really is something about driftwood branches. :)

  26. Dovile says:

    Cute idea & very simple to make by yourself ;)

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  28. Iva says:

    I love the branch as a place to hang baby clothes! what a great nursery idea. Its good to see great designs out there being a designer myself.

    Interior Designer Melbourne

  29. What a beautiful + creative way to hang Bubble’s clothes!!!

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