Perhaps you're interested in recent memory attacks that I've been researching.
You may also be interested in what I hope is the final nail in the coffin of MD5.
I spend some of my time working at or on Noisebridge. Noisebridge is a relaxed non-commercial, non-academic hacklab in San Francisco.
Recently, Joe Grand, Chris Tarnovsky and I performed an analysis on Smart Parking Meters. I hope it encourages you to ride a bicycle and to protest paying millions for what amounts to a poorly designed electrical replacement for chalk.

"We're recursive homeboys this year, Don."
"Nested and recursive parens. ... We can square it every year."

"Oh wait, let me stand behind you. Nested Parens"
"Don, do you mind if I put this on my home page?"
"Gosh no, you're my homeboy after all!"
"Nested Parens"

(I originally shot the photo on the shirt and someone mailed it to me as a gift.)

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