Crew members on Justin Bieber’s tour refuse go to Japan for upcoming shows in Tokyo, Osaka because of radiation — Manager says to “man the f*** up”

Justin Bieber’s Crew Mutinies Over Japan Trip, Blackbook, May 5, 2011:

Justin Bieber’s crew is staging a mutiny over the prospect of the heartthrob’s tour going to Japan. The tour is currently in Australia, where some crew members told manager Scooter Braun that they wouldn’t go to Osaka and Tokyo on May 17 for fear of radiation from the recent nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi. Braun told the crew, “Man the fuck up and do the right thing by these kids.” [...]

During this same meeting, the traitorous crew pointed out that Avril Lavigne and Slash, of all people, had canceled their Japan tours. Braun fired back that Maroon 5 hadn’t canceled theirs. The two sides are still at loggerheads, and the status of Bieber’s Japan tour is up in the air. [...]

50 comments to Crew members on Justin Bieber’s tour refuse go to Japan for upcoming shows in Tokyo, Osaka because of radiation — Manager says to “man the f*** up”

  • xdrfox

    Boycotts of visits or any products will bring pressure on Japan’s Gov. to get their act together for the people of Japans sake !

    • Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?

      • ZombiePlanet



        Get on board.

        Surpasses all previous… testing (i.e. public experiments)

        Oh look… the bad guy is dead… (Again) >(Please pay attention) :)

        Smile as flood and food relief approach your door.


        Smile through your enslavement, until your demise.


      • He’s a singer who gained his popularity from YouTube videos similar to this guy, who is reasonably good on jazz flute, but mostly unknown, and a little bit radioactive.

        – an unconventional way of getting popular that sidesteps the global music mafia – now embraced by the global music mafia.

        His market niche is screaming little girls.

        The words to his songs carry messages of global love and goody things that are way less commercial than others of his ilk.

        Seems like a very personable chap in real life, away from his handlers. He has global reach, and thus, perhaps we should attempt to write him some lyrics to get our message out.

        Some have tried to portray him as a beautiful adolescent pussy, but he’s a fighter, from what I hear.

  • Little by little, the risk level sinks in!

  • aquart

    Bieber’s moron manager might want to read up on John Wayne and Susan Hayward who made the mistake of making a movie together. The set was trucked-in sand from Nevada, where the US had tested nuclear bombs.

    They died of cancer. Might want to check how many other members of that cast and crew also died of cancer.

    • mothra

      The movie was The Conqueror. Half the crew died of exposure related illness and even John Wayne’s kids present developed cancer:

    • Noah

      Inhalation of radioactive particles &
      lung pathway to the brain

      Susan Hayward died of multiple brain tumors

      Aquart, very interesting speculation.

      It is believed that in cases where radioactive particles are inhaled, the particles may migrate, via the blood stream and cross over into the brain.

      Particles may also remain in the lung and cause cancer there.

      • mothra

        Not speculation – neighboring set location city of St. George, Utah reported a “staggering” number of cancers after the fallout deposition.

      • Noah

        The Home & Radioactive Dust

        The excellent link posted above by mothra, brings home the significant role of radioactive dust particles and onset of cancer.

        Dust Control

        Fairwinds Associates posted a video of Arnie’s wife interviewing Marco Kaltofen, PE of Worcester Polytech Institute. From his view, the name of the game in the home is dust control. Dust particles may have, clinging to it, radioactive particles which can be inhaled.

        Control the dust coming into home, control the airborne dust and you will reduce chances of inhaling radioactive particles.

        What I am doing about dust in my home.

        We have and are testing and procuring various hepa quality air purifiers to reduce airborne dust.

        We have ordered and will be installing specialized window screens, by PollenTEC that prevent even very small pollen from entering the home. It will help reduce the amount of dust that enters the home from open windows.

        Dry dust mop with Swiffer hard surface floors daily (in morning after dust settles during the night).

        Vacuum with hepa quality vacuum cleaner.

        • mothra

          Thanks Noah! Great tips. I haven’t found screens for my windows yet (they’re 1890 irregular swinging and up/down sash kind). I just duct tape a damp sheet to them for air exchange and keep the central fan with Hepa to circulate interior air. We had our ducts cleaned March 15 too. I plan to have them cleaned again this summer.

  • *~~~*

    Don’t go, Justin!! I don’t think he will.
    And they cover every minute of The Biebs in popular culture… If he checked out what happened to young boys around Chernobyl (who then looked just like him now!), there would be no question.

  • yoyoyo

    “Man the fuck up and do the right thing by these kids.” – Exactly. That’s what the government needs to hear.

    • Pensacola Tiger

      Perhaps this sentiment is proper for a life or death situation, but completely inappropriate for a adolescent popstar’s concert.

  • bill

    In a few months the world will have one dead tour manager and one deceased teen heartrob…minus all his great hair.

  • cossack55

    At least this is one disaster Japan may avoid.

  • mary

    Its time Japan noticed the world is tired of being irradiated.

  • kx

    I agree, it will be very good for public awareness if artists cancel their tours, specially the “great hair” one since its like a small god there. I once saw a interview of him in japan and his face was “wow this guys are more childish then me” lol very funny. they end up threating him like he was a chimp in a zoo after, even funnier lol.

  • Decker

    Well, something good out of this disaster (apart from the end of the nuclear renaissance, that is)

  • We might be better off without this Bieber thing in this world

    • Discordian

      I think you’re on to something! Perhaps we can even save America from the total brain and taste cancer of American Idol!

      Next year’s season can be called American Idol International. First year-long stop – “Fukushima Nights”, baby!

    • Actually, I rather agree with his lyrics. He’s a feisty kid and likes to fight.

      If you knock me down
      I will not stay on the ground
      “Get up! Get up!”

      [from Never Say Never]

      In October 2010 he was involved in an “incident” where some squealing little mammas boy tried something on him and Bieber nailed him in the face. The Puritans almost charged him (Canadian police).

      Bieber walked away with a smile on his face.

      I wouldn’t write this kid off – he’s one of us. He’s worked hard at making something of himself, but syrup-y lyrics and commercialism come with the deal.

      Actually we should adopt his motto:

      If you knock me down
      I will not stay on the ground
      “Get up! Get up!”

  • bcbud

    I say spread the word on this one, this is the type of story that will make the sheeple raise an eyebrow! The biggest problem is awareness, we talk about how bad this situation is amongst ourselves but we need to keep this subject on the tongue of the masses.

    -unfortunately it’s only when famous people talk shit that anyone takes notice…

  • Frank Snapp

    Justin Bieber’s crew are SMART. Of course, Tokyo and Osaka are being incredibly irradiated. It is, truly, only a matter of time, perhaps a year or two at this rate, that Tokyo itself will be either abandoned or evacuated. It’s the beginning of the summer season (though late spring) onshore monsoon winds. No Japanese or U.S. tepid governmental/corporate/military/covert/billionaire responses will be tolerated for much longer. I hope that I don’t have to go to Japan, either. I feel horrible for the Japanese people. However, none of us is safe anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. The U.S., in particular nearly the entire West Coast and any montane portions of North America are being quite heavily irradiated as we speak. The emissions of radiologic compounds is continous from Fukushima and Tsuruga and includes large amounts of atomized particulate plutonium. The Northern Hemisphere radioactive plume is only, of course, intensifying. It cannot and will not be improving or going away without full and final remediation of the sources of these radiologic compounds, which realistic sciences say may be something more on the order of 100 years. Every time it rains from now on in the Northern Hemisphere, guess what? It’s increasingly radioactive.

    I hope that Justin gets smart, we know he has courage, and once again stands up for the people, for reality, as he has done in the past for universal medicine, on this thousands of times more important issue.

    • Anthony

      I agree with your points – I would also bet that the airborne contamination will loop back to it’s source, pick up more new emissions and begin the jet-stream loop again, with increased levels of contaminated rains as a result.

      If they are not testing the damn levels how will they know when the levels are at deadly levels?

    • Decker

      What’s your source for Osaka radiation levels?

  • 67Mopar

    Now you’re reporting on the latest Justin Bieber escapades? This website is complete bull-sh!t!

  • fuckyoushima

    J Hazard Mater. 2011 Feb 28;186(2-3):1942-6. Epub 2010 Dec 25.
    The relationships between low levels of urine fluoride on children’s intelligence, dental fluorosis in endemic fluorosis areas in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, China.
    Ding Y, YanhuiGao, Sun H, Han H, Wang W, Ji X, Liu X, Sun D.

    Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Harbin Medical University, Harbin 150081, Heilongjiang, China.

    There has been public concern about children’s intellectual performance at high levels of fluoride exposure, but few studies provide data directly to the question of whether low fluoride exposure levels less than 3.0 mg/L in drinking water adversely associated with children’s intelligence. In this survey, we investigated the effects of low fluoride exposure on children’s intelligence and dental fluorosis. 331 children aged from 7 to 14 were randomly recruited from four sites in Hulunbuir City, China. Intelligence was assessed using Combined Raven Test-The Rural in China while dental fluorosis was diagnosed with Dean’s index. Mean value of fluoride in drinking water was 1.31±1.05 mg/L (range 0.24-2.84). Urine fluoride was inversely associated with IQ in the multiple linear regression model when children’s age as a covariate variable was taken into account (P<0.0001). Each increase in 1 mg/L of urine fluoride associated with 0.59-point decrease in IQ (P=0.0226). Meanwhile, there was a dose-response relationship between urine fluoride and dental fluorosis (P<0.0001). In conclusion, our study suggested that low levels of fluoride exposure in drinking water had negative effects on children's intelligence and dental health and confirmed the dose-response relationships between urine fluoride and IQ scores as well as dental fluorosis.

    anyone who believes the government will save them will die.

    …another reason to use reverse osmosis.

  • charlie

    67mopar sounds like and must be a nuke industry shill.
    I reslly hope that Justin Bieber’s cancelled tour of Japan wakes up the world to the onging NUCLEAR catastrophe in Japan, and through the jetstream, the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, and China.

  • Isaac

    Please, please, PLEASE , send him to Japan.

    I’m begging you here.

  • Well, I’m clearly out of the loop concerning who these folks are that are refusing to place themselves in a dangerous situation….but it appears as though they could use an equally intelligent and compassionate manager, perhaps one with even a lower level triple digit IQ would be preferable.

    There is some seriously flawed logic that anything is worth knowingly risking their health, except that the manager clearly puts his bottom line before the health of those he represents.

  • Tricky Dick

    Ain’t the crisis over? Nothin on the news…

  • xdrfox

    Veteran fighting for life
    Former medic battles rare brain cancer
    His doctor called him back and said further examination determined that the tumor is a “left temporal anaplastic mixed glioma oligoastrocytoma (Grade 3).”
    Chris returned from Iraq, The Veterans Administration denied requests for treatment at VA hospitals, citing the same reason that the Army gave.
    If he could prove that the tumor began while he was in service, he could be treated.

    DU ???

  • Jack

    Maybe the Eager Bieber is going to be used by the Almighty
    to communicate the dangers of radiation to the grade-school set.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Justin ..Dude. dude…your manager works for him.

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