Chris Traeger

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Chris Traeger
Parks and Recreation character
Chris Traeger.jpg
First appearance "The Master Plan"
Portrayed by Rob Lowe
Occupation State Auditor
Pawnee City Manager (interim)
Family Unnamed Parents
Significant other(s) Ann Perkins (ex-girlfriend)

Christopher "Chris" Traeger (Rob Lowe) is a character in the TV series Parks and Recreation. The character guest starred in two episodes of season two and was upgraded to a regular in season three. Chris is a state auditor who comes into Pawnee with Ben Wyatt to evaluate the town's funds at the end of the second season. Chris is very cheerful and energetic, usually leaving the hard truths to Ben. Parks and Recreation co-star Adam Scott described the character as, "It's like Sam Seaborn, just on speed and less smart," a reference to the character Sam Seaborn that Lowe played on The West Wing.[1]


[edit] Character biography

[edit] Season two

Chris is an auditor sent by the Indiana state government in Indianapolis who comes in to Pawnee to review the town's funds at the end of the second season along with his partner Ben Wyatt. He seems constantly at pains to remain cheerful and optimistic, frequently attempting to avoid harsh truths, and engaging in the somewhat peculiar practice of saying "hello" and "goodbye" to people by pointing at them and saying their full names, as if to reassure them that he remembers who they are. He also seems rather preoccupied with maintaining his physical fitness, taking large amounts of dietary supplements and running ten miles every day. He states that he believes he could possibly be the first human being to live to 150 years old, and that his heart could pump jet fuel. During April's 21st birthday party, a drunken Ann kisses him, who makes an attempt to ask her out later on, but she declines as she is trying to avoid relationships following her breakup with Mark.

[edit] Season three

Following the reopening of the Pawnee government, Chris goes on a date with Ann, who is told to do so by Leslie so she can convince him to give more funds to the parks department. When Ann asks him why he's so positive all the time, he says that he was born with a blood disorder and had three weeks to live, so he feels happy to still be alive many years later, a revelation that leads Ann to grow more attracted to him. He is upset when Leslie accidentally reveals the motive behind the date, but Ann makes it up to him by asking him on another date. He is later shown to be moved to tears by the Pawnee Harvest Festival proposal.

Ann is annoyed that Chris seems too perfect, but when he is struck with the flu, he seems to have a complete breakdown, much to her delight. As Chris is set to go back to Indianapolis soon, Ann has doubts if he wants to the relationship to continue, especially when he asks April to come with him as his assistant. Ann finally gets Chris to talk about the future of their relationship one night. In "Indianapolis", Ann is worried that Chris is cheating on her and confronts him, only to learn that while he's not cheating on her, he is not dating her either. Chris broke up with her, but because of his positive attitude, Ann simply did not realize it.

Chris returns to Pawnee in "Camping" as the interim city manager, following Paul Iaresco's massive heart attack. He enthusiastically encourages Leslie to come up with more great idea, and tries to rekindle his friendship with Ann - however, once again due to his overwhelming positivity, she mistakenly thinks he wants to start dating again.

[edit] References

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