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My Soul Pages My Soul Pages
Janet Conner
For anyone interested in the power of sacred journaling and creativity, this companion journal to the popular Writing Down Your Soul offers a unique writing process that helps you connect to your spiritual intelligence. By writing every day at the same time, with passion, honesty, and the intention of speaking with and listening to the voice within, you can engage in a vibrant conversation with the wisdom that dwells just below your conscious awareness. Read more...
Create a World That Works Create a World That Works
Alan Seale
The tumultuous times we live in require new kinds of leaders who must be able to tap into the greater potential of any situation or circumstance, and partner with that potential for extraordinary results. Inspirational speaker and leadership coach Alan Seale offers the tools each of us can use to make a significant difference in a changing world. Seale offers a new leadership paradigm that can carry us into a sustainable future and supports the greater good. Read more...
Thrifty Green Thrifty Green
Priscilla Short
Priscilla Short lived off the grid for a year in a strawbale house in Taos, NM, with no electricity, no running water, and a wood burning stove for heat. At the end of the year, Short returned home to Denver committed to making a smaller ecological footprint by consuming less and conserving more. In Thrifty Green, Short offers a unique, resource-by-resource approach that shows us that the best way to practice conservation, the real win-win, involves saving money as we lighten up. Read more...
How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save Your Life How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save Your Life
Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D.
University professor, psychotherapist and recovering former nightclub owner Dr. Nicholas Kardaras presents a mind blowing, reality rocking, and life changing approach to Greek philosophy. Having once owned celebrity-studded NY nightclubs where he had mingled with the likes of JFK, Jr., Uma Thurman and Tom Cruise, Kardaras would emerge from that glamorous-yet-self-destructive world to discover the powerful and transformative teachings of his ancient ancestors. To his amazement, he learned that ancient Greek philosophy, contrary to popular misconceptions, was not a dry and academic pursuit, but a vibrant and holistic transformative practice. Read more...
The Book of Awakening The Book of Awakening
Mark Nepo
Nepo's spiritual daybook is a summons to reclaim aliveness, liberate the self, take each day one at a time, and to savor the beauty offered by life's unfolding. Reading his poetic prose is like being given second sight, exposing the reader to life's multiple dimensions, each one drawn with awe and affection.

"Mark Nepo has written a beautiful book about life, informed by the shadows of death. I've been blessed and humbled by reading his words." ~Marianne Williamson


Coming Soon

Navigating the Collapse of Time Navigating the Collapse of Time
David Ian Cowan, Foreword by Barbara Hand Clow
The signs are everywhere: Economic crisis, dramatic hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and increased rates of species extinction. According to New Age metaphysician David Ian Cowan, we are in the midst of a 25-year transitional period of planetary shift as our solar system approaches the Galactic Photon Band, a shift that is also affecting our perception of time.
“With David Cowan's book, we get a fascinating picture of the transition period that is approaching for the human race...I highly recommend this enjoyable page turner.” Gary Renard, the best-selling author of Disappearance of the Universe Read more...
Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power
Bob Doyle
Wondering how to make the Law of Attraction work in your life? With the publication of The Secret, the Law of Attraction has become a worldwide phenomenon. Yet, many people are still not getting the results they want and have been left disappointed and confused. Now motivational coach Bob Doyle, one of the teachers featured in the film version of The Secret, dispels the misconceptions and myths about the Law of Attraction and offers a practical, easy-to-use program for creating abundance and happiness. Read more...