FACTOID # 13: The United States puts 0.7 % of its population in Prison - a vastly higher percentage than any other nation.
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Crime Statistics > Total crimes (per capita) (most recent) by country

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Showing latest available data.
Rank   Countries  Amount 
# 1   Dominica: 113.822 per 1,000 people 
# 2   New Zealand: 105.881 per 1,000 people 
# 3   Finland: 101.526 per 1,000 people 
# 4   Denmark: 92.8277 per 1,000 people 
# 5   Chile: 88.226 per 1,000 people 
# 6   United Kingdom: 85.5517 per 1,000 people 
# 7   Montserrat: 80.3982 per 1,000 people 
# 8   United States: 80.0645 per 1,000 people 
# 9   Netherlands: 79.5779 per 1,000 people 
# 10   South Africa: 77.1862 per 1,000 people 
# 11   Germany: 75.9996 per 1,000 people 
# 12   Canada: 75.4921 per 1,000 people 
# 13   Norway: 71.8639 per 1,000 people 
# 14   France: 62.1843 per 1,000 people 
# 15   Seychelles: 52.9265 per 1,000 people 
# 16   Hungary: 44.9763 per 1,000 people 
# 17   Estonia: 43.3601 per 1,000 people 
# 18   Czech Republic: 38.2257 per 1,000 people 
# 19   Italy: 37.9633 per 1,000 people 
# 20   Switzerland: 36.1864 per 1,000 people 
# 21   Portugal: 34.3833 per 1,000 people 
# 22   Slovenia: 33.6236 per 1,000 people 
# 23   Poland: 32.8573 per 1,000 people 
# 24   Korea, South: 31.7267 per 1,000 people 
# 25   Mauritius: 29.1982 per 1,000 people 
# 26   Zimbabwe: 28.8753 per 1,000 people 
# 27   Lithuania: 22.8996 per 1,000 people 
# 28   Spain: 22.8867 per 1,000 people 
# 29   Latvia: 21.921 per 1,000 people 
# 30   Uruguay: 21.7017 per 1,000 people 
# 31   Russia: 20.5855 per 1,000 people 
# 32   Ireland: 20.2376 per 1,000 people 
# 33   Bulgaria: 19.9886 per 1,000 people 
# 34   Japan: 19.177 per 1,000 people 
# 35   Romania: 16.4812 per 1,000 people 
# 36   Slovakia: 16.3537 per 1,000 people 
# 37   Jamaica: 14.3231 per 1,000 people 
# 38   Belarus: 13.1592 per 1,000 people 
# 39   Mexico: 12.8406 per 1,000 people 
# 40   Tunisia: 12.5634 per 1,000 people 
# 41   Costa Rica: 11.9788 per 1,000 people 
# 42   Ukraine: 11.7793 per 1,000 people 
# 43   Hong Kong: 11.6817 per 1,000 people 
# 44   Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of: 9.689 per 1,000 people 
# 45   Greece: 9.6347 per 1,000 people 
# 46   Venezuela: 9.307 per 1,000 people 
# 47   Thailand: 8.80422 per 1,000 people 
# 48   Moldova: 8.58967 per 1,000 people 
# 49   Kyrgyzstan: 7.50486 per 1,000 people 
# 50   Malaysia: 6.97921 per 1,000 people 
# 51   Qatar: 6.76437 per 1,000 people 
# 52   Zambia: 5.27668 per 1,000 people 
# 53   Colombia: 4.98654 per 1,000 people 
# 54   Turkey: 4.11252 per 1,000 people 
# 55   Armenia: 4.03889 per 1,000 people 
# 56   Georgia: 3.21338 per 1,000 people 
# 57   Papua New Guinea: 2.39711 per 1,000 people 
# 58   Azerbaijan: 1.76416 per 1,000 people 
# 59   India: 1.63352 per 1,000 people 
# 60   Yemen: 1.16109 per 1,000 people 
Weighted average: 33.7 per 1,000 people  

DEFINITION: Note: Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence. Per capita figures expressed per 1,000 population.

SOURCE: Seventh United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, covering the period 1998 - 2000 (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention)

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16th February 2011
You have you consider that the crimes indicated here are reported crimes. The majority of crimes in lesser developed countries go unreported.
19th January 2011
crime student
19th January 2011
The rate of crime doesn't really tell you how dangerous a country is. For example United Kingdom is #6 and Columbia #53. If you look at murder UK had a little over 1,200 murders while Columbia had 26,000 murders. The US had 16,000 according to these stats. There may be less overall crime in Columbia but you probably have a better chance getting murdered there!!!
14th January 2011
Mexico #39? Venezuela #46? Colombia #53? Definitely, this list is completely unreliable.
not possible
12th January 2011
No way ~ New Zealand does not have a higher crime rate than South Africa. South Africans are leaving in their thousands each year to live in countries like New Zealand to get away from the terrible crime in South Africa.
17th November 2010
This information is true, however insulting some in Denmark is considered a crime in Denmark while raping someone in Yemen is not? Hence this statistics is only useful for propaganda by failed governments.
10th November 2010
For those from you who do not beelive thar Colimbia is now more safe place. Crime stat drop down so much (50%) because goverment is doing something effective.
Media do not show this news because it is good news (no money for chaos sellers). So you can take it as a quest and find out what is going on in Columbia and what programm they implementing.
7th November 2010
This list is very inaccurate and useless. This depends on official statistics, and in many underdeveloped countries, crimes are often not registered at all. To think that New Zealand is ~60 times more dangerous than India!! Ha ha!
3rd November 2010
This is per Capita meaning per 1000 people. New Zealand has a low population therefore low number of crimes.
18th October 2010
16th September 2010
I find it hard to believe that the UK has more crime per capita than South Africa or Colombia.
11th September 2010
I have driven through Detroit.

I have also driven through Fallujah, Baghdad and a few others in Iraq.

Detroit isn't so bad.
8th September 2010
I believe they are counting Singapore as a Malaysian island/city state not a country here. Supposedly they merged in 1963. I looked it up and Singapore's numbers are right where they have Malaysia.
6th September 2010


ever driven through detroit?! its the meanest town on earth
30th August 2010
What the..how come Finland ison top of the list??? while India is almost the best
16th August 2010
How come Singapore is not listed there?
4th June 2010
Why isn't Sweden one here at all? Based on total crimes shown on the crime link on this web site, the figure when divided by their population to make per capita they would be placed 2nd YET they are not on here at all. Besides, these figures are from 12 years ago anyway, surely this site needs more recent / relevant for the figures to be taken seriously.
4th June 2010
The figures are over 12 years old, don't take them seriously!!
David Bristol
3rd June 2010
Where do these figures come from? This has Finland as having a high burglary and crime rate yet every other survey has them as very low such as:
According a recent study, Britain has the highest burglary levels in the whole of the EU. The survey, organised by the UN’s crime justice research institute. The countries with the lowest burglary incidents were reported as being Germany, Finland, Spain and, at the bottom with 0.66%, Sweden.
Garry Coventry
28th May 2010
How do I access countries past #60? I am interested in total crimes per capita in Vanuatu, PNG, New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Micronesia, Samoa and Solomon Islands to begin with.
6th April 2010
The numbers aren't misleading, check the sources at the bottom.
Pony (UK)
9th March 2010

Oh I do hope this load of rubbish isn't pasted in to TSE again by someone that didn't read beyond the title and the first ten country names and so thinks it's the answer to his prayers.
23rd February 2010
This DATA is misleading!!!
1. only western countries reported the REAL numbers! most of the world is missing (90%)
2. no information as to what year they are from, so USA might be 1980 and UK 2005 and Germany 2010...

Please some 1, give us a clear, true list of crimes % by country!
20th February 2010
-If the reason is as i believe too..."For the European countries, in my opinion, the immigrants cause more crime because they are very poorly integrated into European societies". Where is Sweden? I thought Norway was much more peaceful than sweden..

s. Riley
12th February 2010
Pedersen : this is not murder, this is for total crime per capita. so the statistic you show is invalid in this page.
26th January 2010
Pedersen: 39500 murders? Where do you get that? SAPS says 18487 from April 07 til March 08. Still very high, not saying its not.
T. Pedersen
15th January 2010
I live in Denmark. I have lived 20 years in South Africa and i have 2 sons still living there and i still follow the news there closely. To see Denmark as having a higher crime rate than South Africa must be about the joke of the year. Just one little statistic from the Danish and the South African police.
2007 murder rates.
Denmark 65
South Africa 39500.
Ok, you have to take in to account that the population is nearly 10 times that of Denmark in South Africa.
Colin (England)
6th January 2010
Looking at this video shows another perspective of New Zealand.Its listed as the most peaceful nation on earth!

The Good One
19th December 2009
Read the definition, people. Probably a country at the top of the list is there because of tougher law enforcement. I've seen a drunk South Korean man pushing cops and walking away. In Canada, his face would have been on the pavement and then his butt in jail!
8th December 2009
dretty PH
1st December 2009
I thought the Western and Northern European countries would have a very low crime rate.For Africa I am astonished for many of their nations to have low rates of crime{except South Africa,Zambia and Zimbabwe}.

How come if many African countries are very poor, most have pretty low rates of crime?
28th November 2009
Read the definition under DEFINITION tab.
Issac BigD Martin
3rd November 2009
I'm so upset im trying to do a paper and can't find any factual information. why even put this on the internet?
13th October 2009
Why is Colombia 53rd? wasn't it 1st on the last list?

I'm starting to feel this list is totally inaccurate. Finland first?
10th September 2009
Wow! Mexico ranked lower than Japan.. that makes Mexico such a peaceful country!
9th September 2009
Interesting to compare this rate

15th August 2009
Please explain, why does Australia not exist?

How can I accept this as factual, if it seems to be propaganda?

14th July 2009
Totally sketchy data. Not all crimes are reported, and the rate at which crimes are reported may differ significantly between countries. Murder per capita would be somewhat more accurate, since it's a lot harder to NOT report a murder, but there are still issues with this.
7th July 2009
Agree with Cameron. I am in New Zealand and while we don't consider crime to be a big issue the low crime rate means the police spend more time looking for it. You are far more likely here to be brought before a court for a minor issue than in say UK (where I am also familiar) where you will just be let off with a warning. I also know that a minor assault in UK is not a 'recordable' offence whereas in NZ it is. This heading should be changed to read RECORDED crimes.
Arian Smith
28th May 2009
For the European countries, in my opinion, the immigrants cause more crime because they are very poorly integrated into European societies.

Stop letting them in your country, treating them like dirt and then complaining they commit all the crime.
23rd April 2009
Cameron Dewe (New Zealand)
3rd December 2006
Comparing international crime statistics must be done with great caution. Statistics compiled by the United Nations are based on surveys that specify that crimes be counted based on each country's legislated definition of what constitute a "crime". Some countries may include misdemeanor offences, where a fine is issued while others may only count imprisionable offences. Also, counting the crime takes place at different places in the law-enforcement process. Consequently, some countries may count every reported breach of the law, while others may only count cases that make it to court, and even then only the most serious of several charges laid. Because there is so much inconsistency in these statistics, they might also be a quality measure of the standard and efficiency of law enforcement and the criminal justice system of a country, rather than having anything to do with actual prevalence of crime.
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