Apr 23 2011 11:19 AM ET

'Smallville,' 'Fringe' ratings slip; 'FNL' rises

Image Credit: The CW

The CW’s Smallville and Fox’s Fringe dipped in the ratings Friday night, even as NBC’s Friday Night Lights rose.

Perhaps the Easter holiday weekend was kryptonite to the Man of Steel, which fell 10 percent in the demo for an episode titled “Booster.” Supernatural remained steady with the week before and ABC’s Shark Tank slipped 7 percent from last week’s season high.

CBS won the night with Girl’s Night Out: Superstar Women of Country special (8.4 million viewers, 1.6 preliminary adults 18-49 rating). If it seems like there’s a ton of country music specials and award shows, you’re right — it’s because they always manage to pull a decent rating.

ABC and NBC tied for second, with Shark Tank (4.9 million, 1.4) followed by Primetime‘s hidden-camera-prank-show-pretending-to-be-a-news-program What Would You Do (4 million, 1.1) and 20/20 (4.4 million, 1.2).

NBC’s Lights (3.8 million, 1.0) was followed by Dateline (6 million, 1.4).

Fox aired a repeat and Fringe (3.5 million, 1.2), taking the steepest tumble of the evening, down 14 percent.

The CW had Smallville (2.2 million, 0.9) and Supernatural (2 million, 0.9).

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  • Kent

    The Smallville ratings stories are definitely worth reading. If they slip too far, the show might get canceled.

    • i certainly hope not


      • LOL

        I don’t know if your joking or not, but this is Smallvilles final season – which was planned over a year ago. Numbers don’t mean anything!

      • Kent

        Smallville’s ending?!?! How come nobody anywhere has been talking about this?

      • PRbabe

        *cough* I say you don’t even watch the show nor watch the PROMOS that have saying FINAL SEASON.

      • eliott256


      • anakinjmt

        C’mon, he clearly had his tongue-in-cheek when he said that.

      • lobry

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        —Fringe is back next season!
        It would be great if more people watched though. Maybe more people watch the repeat in late night tonight, or check it out later online.

      • pig butts

        you people who can’t take a joke are truly morons.

    • Neha

      Seriously?! This is old news!!! We ALL knew Smallville was gonna end this year 12 months back! And all the promos have been basically saying its the final season!

    • anonymous

      Looks like EW did not watch FRINGE as well last night.
      …. Where is the Re-cap ?

    • Clark

      Clearly we have to keep an eye on this so that the show remains around for another decade.

    • Jenelle Clark

      Smallville is on its last season anyway. *shrugs shoulders* so if the ratings drop it will do no damage.

    • Teri


      Oh noooo!

  • João Paulo – Brasil

    Fringe not deserves this.

    • Mary Ann

      I thought “Fringe” was a yawner last night.

      • Gina Vera

        What show you watching? the world is coming to an end!

      • Shaun

        Fringe was pretty good last night, but even if you thought not a lot happened you have to remember that it’s really part one of a three episode season finale.

        Anyhow, between the holiday weekend *and* imagining some viewers were turned off by the recent “Belliva” arc (I’m still watching, but it tried my patience a bit) I’m not too surprised by the dip. Either way, Fringe is back next season!

        It would be great if more people watched though. Maybe more people watch the repeat in late night tonight, or check it out later online.

      • Zakry

        Mary Ann didn’t watch. She’s a hack who comes on here and just says something negative to… I don’t know why. ANYONE who saw Fringe could not possibly call it a yawner.

    • mcfly

      “Fringe not deserve this”? Why do you talk like Tarzan?

      • SueN

        I’m sure it was a typo, but your comment still made me laugh out loud.

      • DJ

        SueN–How well can you write in Portugese?

      • DJ

        Sorry, Sue. That comment is for McFly.

      • Dan

        Knock, knock McFly.

      • Name


        And I am Frankenstein – “Fire BAD!”

      • Billy Goat

        Tarzan, Tonto and Frankenstein love Fringe!

    • Rush

      Fringe was not a repeat. Was this column copy-pasted from two weeks ago?

      • Zakry

        If you read it closely, it doesn’t say Fringe was a repeat.

  • cdv

    The St. Louis area was hit with severe weather and tornadoes. There was no Smallville episode to speak of. I would have loved to have watched if we only had it on; however, I think our airport blowing out might have taken precedence over an original episode of Smallville! I hope I can see Booster soon.

    • DGH

      There were also no Fringe either.

      • Shaun

        No fringe RECAP here either? At least, I haven’t found it yet… Let’s go, Ken Tucker!!

    • Julia

      The Louisville area played a local basketball game instead of Fringe. I was pretty pissed off about it.

  • LOL

    And all the episodes have been filmed and ready to go! (well except for score, but that’ll be ready!)

  • Who Craig

    In response to LOL- I’m sure they knew that haha

  • PRbabe

    God, i hate America. All america cares about is stupid MUSIC! A freaking Country special got an effin 1.6 and 8 million viewers? WHAT THE HELL! Fox, get Fringe out this timeslot NOW! I don’t want to see the show canceled right AFTER BEING RENEWED!

    • jean

      Maybe you should move to Mexico. I am sure you could find someone to trade places with you. You seem very immature. What America cares about it to save your sorry butt.

    • A

      You don’t like music?

      Boostergold was cool, anyway.

  • Kal-el

    In my market area smallville didn’t even come on until 10 because of a giants baseball game. (supernatural @ 11) so with the late airing and no airing in some areas due to weather, yeah ratings will slip

  • Erin

    Why are they saying Fringe was a repeat?? It was brand new! And very awesome!

    • Neha

      What was the show that aired before Fringe last night? Maybe that was a repeat.

      • Shaun

        I dunno… But it would be nice if the Fringe recap would get posted. Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t found it yet. Usually, it’s right on the EW homepage the day after the show airs.

      • Jim

        Kitchen Nightmares was a repeat, the Fringe episode was GREAT!

      • fg

        Ken Tucker did a Friday Night Lights recap so maybe he didn’t have time to do both. Crap!

  • Lexxx Luthor

    Show Lois’ super ta-ta’s and the ratings will rise… so will the evil genius in my pants

    • darrinsgoodman

      Hey Lexx pull out the old turn of a movie “House Of The Dead” to see Erica Durance’s (Lois) ta-ta’s…seriously she shows them

      • darrinsgoodman

        old turd i mean

  • Craig

    Shark Tank went down .1 from last week to a time winning 1.4 which besides last week is their highest rated score this season. On Easter Weekend, I don’t see how that’s anything but positive. Fringe was renewed for a full season and got 1.2 at 9p which has HUT. Shark Tank will certainly be renewed. Still dont get why ABC put this on Fri and Jamie on Tues. Jamie got a 1.1 on Tues this week. ST on Friday of Easter weekend got a 1.4

  • Brie

    Last night’s epidsode of Fringe was almost as bad as last week’s. What is happening? This season started off with so much promise. Now, I’m thinking it would be better if it just ended after these next two episodes. Pick a universe and save it. Or merge them. Whatever it takes…just bring the story to a close.

    • JD

      DISAGREE. It was a great episode, how is it bad? Also, DUH, the whole point of this arc is the possible destruction of the universe, why would they wrap it up BEFORE the finale, fool. The ratings are pretty horrible for something so great, come on, people!

      • Brie

        Fool? Is it really that serious? There are only two episodes left in the season. So, in my opinion, the show should just end after this season rather than continue on to a fourth season. I know it was renewed, but the story is getting worse and worse.

      • ruby

        Fringe has been awesome this season! I love the parallel universe storyline and can’t wait to see what happens in the finale

      • JD

        Well you’re entitled to your opinion, but cleary most people disagree that it’s “terrible” and sure as hell don’t think it should end. This season’s been the best yet, and it just got renewed, despite the low ratings (which in itself is a bad sign of the general TV watching public). Next season will most likely be the last one, but it definitely deserves it.

      • Shaun

        While I was underwhelmed by the “Belliva” episodes, last night’s was good. What didn’t you like, Brie? Explain…

        “6:02″ was more like Fringe was earlier this season. Jumping back and forth between the two worlds, with mystery, action, intrigue, and humor all part of the mix. Remember, this is the start of what’s really a 3 episode season finale. The endgame for the season is just starting to build up. Expect even more to happen the next two weeks.

        Now WHERE’S that recap, Tucker!?!?

      • Brie

        Shaun, I was bored. I understand it was a set-up episode, but…it didn’t have to be so dry. I was really looking forward to it after last week’s disappointment. I expected more. Maybe, I’ll watch it again before next Friday

    • Bobby

      Are you crazy?
      Last week’s episode of Fringe was probably the best episode ever.

      • Shaun

        The stuff with Peter and Broyles on LSD was fun, and so was the cartoon stuff (even though none of the drawings looked like the actors)… But it was kind of a pointless episode, as the entire “Belliva” arc was. Unless Bell (Nimoy) ever returns again FOR REAL, there really was no purpose to Belliva.

    • Meredith44

      You really think it was bad? I can’t comprehend a fan saying that. The acting alone made it a stellar episode and it set up things very well for the last two parts of the finale. I’m certainly intrigued and impatient to find out what is going to happen.

      • Jim

        I thought it was great also! The LSD one was a little bit of a letdown IMHO, but not this one!
        They just gotta get it out of Friday.. or leave it there and don’t complain about the ratings, it is doing better than anything else in that slot that they had in there.

      • Brie

        Yes, I think it was bad. Even worse, I think it was boring. The best part of the episode was when Peter touched the machine and blew backwards. Hilarious. I think Fringe is at its best when the team is working a case. The beginning of this season was excellent and it has fallen off these last two episodes. There’s still hope for the final two episodes of the season, though.

    • Simm Fan

      Brie, you can stop watching Fringe whenever you want. Don’t like it, switch channels. Lots to choose from. Bye-bye!

      • Brie


      • Shaun

        There wasn’t anything “hilarious” about the machine zapping Peter. How was that different from any of hundreds of sci-fi shows or movies? Some kind of force field or defense system, it seemed to me.

        How/why did the machine reject Peter? We don’t know that yet… Id guess that answer is coming, but perhaps Peter couldn’t merge with the machine “over here”? Maybe it’s only the machine “over there” he could merge with. Maybe it had something to do with Walternate’s use of little Henry’s DNA to activate the machine? Maybe Peter had it wrong and his true connection hasn’t been discovered yet. Still two weeks to go… Give it a chance.

      • Jack

        Well that’s genius, Fringe is suffering in ratings and you want people to stop watching because they didn’t like an episode? lol idiots well you did the show a great disservice.

    • Zakry

      Sorry, but you’re out of your mind. Maybe you just can’t follow it because… you know. Awwww.

  • Jenn

    Supernatural was great last night, the best it’s been in a while. Dean’s ‘I’m a posse magnet’ comment was but one of many that had me laughing.
    As for Fringe: perhaps many were a bit put off by that whole animation thing a few episodes ago. I did like this episode though, made me want to see next week and glad I have DVR.

    • PRbabe

      Still not good enough reason to not keep watching the episodes. You would have to be a complete moron to actually believe this “cartoon” episode (which it NEVER was since almost 30 minutes of it was live action) reflects how the other episodes will be like.

      Pains me to see utter crap like Jersey Shore having 3.5 in the demos but Fringe does ONE EPISODE out of 60 that has about 16 minutes of animation and everyone goes against it.

      I understand people take Fringe more seriously than Jersey shore but it seems to me Jersey shore has more loyal fans than fringe does since Fringe fans act like just because an episode doesn’t go THEIR way, that means they should stop watching.


      • Scott

        Maybe you should get some therapy or try switching to decaf! Spouting off that you hate America because they watched one tv show over another and attacking people over their opinion of said tv show? Maybe its time to look at what’s going on and put things in perspective…

      • JD

        I doubt he needs therapy. I agree that there are apparently people who dropped off because of the cartoon sequence, and if they did, they should at least come back. That’s pretty terrible loyalty to a show.

      • Jim

        While i didn’t *like* the LSD episode as much as the other, I still have watched every episode and own all the seasons in DVD.. hell I even pre-ordered this season once I heard it was coming back! Some people LOVED it others HATED it, I was in the middle.. it was “weird” but last night’s was GREAT!

  • Tracy Ridgeway

    I think Supernatural was great too. It tied past seasons into this season and had fighting demon. Telling the story of Samuel Colt an how Devils Trap was formed. You just have to watch each gets better “LOVE IT”.

  • Jenn

    I keep forgetting that FNL is now on NBC… I have already seen the final season and LOVED IT!!! I am just kicking myself for not watching it the last 2 Fridays. Glad to see the ratings go up for it!!! This is hands down the best season yet!!! Not a bad episode in the bunch!

  • Lynn

    I live in STL and these douchebags did not air Supernatural or Smallville!!!!!!!!!!!!! PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Barbara

      I like in STL too and I have to say as much as I love Smallville and Supernatural, a tornado taking out part of my suburb and the airport was little more important than these shows. I’m so sorry you can’t find a download of it somewhere like the rest of us did. Grow up. The news last night was little more important than your need to watch two shows that can air in rerun.

      • Barbara

        *live in STL

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