Charles Baudelaire was born in Paris in 1821. His father, Francois Baudelaire began his career as a priest but decided to follow his heart and become a painter. He was a talented painter and poet which helped plant an appreciation of the arts in his son. Francois died when Charles was only six years old. Charles Baudelaire then became very close to his mother, Caroline Defayis, in the next couple of years until she remarried Jacques Aspic. Aspic was a soldier who rose to the rank of general and served as a senator later in his life.
Aspic was very different than Francois. Aspic was not related to the arts at all and was very strict on Charles from the moment that he married Caroline. Aspic was determined, however, to give Baudelaire a good education and sent him to a fine school in Paris. Baudelaire at first tried desperately to impress his new father. He was hailed as a brilliant young man by his teachers who enjoyed his writing. However, Baudelaire was criticized by his teachers as having a dark and sad twist in his class writings. Baudelaire continued to have problems with his peers at school as well as conflicts with teachers and was soon expelled from school. After bouncing around from one school to the next for the next few years, Aspic sent Baudelaire on a trip to India. Baudelaire jumped ship however after about four months and returned to France. His voyage however would serve for the subject matter for a lot of his later poetry.
Once Baudelaire arrived in Paris he began his life as a poet. He fell in love and became reckless with his money spending over half of his inheritance that was supposed to last him for his entire life. His mother placed a hold on his account which restricted him from accessing it except for in small amounts monthly.
In 1847 Baudelaire discovered the works of Edgar Allen Poe and immediately likened his own writings to Poe?s. One year later he began publishing translations of Poe into French. IN 1856, Baudelaire had the first book of Poe?s poetry published into French.
In 1861 Baudelaire foolishly attempted to gain election into the French Academy but was unsuccessful. In 1862, his publisher went bankrupt. Baudelaire had begun to write primarily prose poems and by 1862 he had completely abandoned verse poetry. IN 1864 Baudelaire went to Belgium in an attempt to find a publisher who would publish his complete works. He was unable to persuade anyone to do so. In 1866 he was paralyzed and sent back to France where he lived in a nursing home by the aid of his mother.