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Rachel is an award winning spiritual jeweler and determines personal gemstones specifically for your astrological alignment! We then create quality gemstone jewelry that brings blessings into your life.

We carry a fine line of gems that meet very specific requirements: natural, untreated (unless noted) and create jewelry according to Yogic, Ancient Astrological and Kabbalah guidelines. Rachel has studied many Gem philosophies and have found them to be very similar. Truth is truth, it is just a different presentation.

Rachel provides two services a Personal Gemstone Determination, and an In-depth Consultation.

Once you know which gems are just right for you and decided how you would like to bring them into you life, either as a mala to meditate with or as jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants etc. then more settings can be discussed and shown via email or snail mail. We can create custom museum quality jewelry or use www.stuller.com pre-made settings.

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