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'Glee': Preview 'A Night of Neglect' songs

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Below, listen to teases of four songs from next week’s episode of Glee, “A Night of Neglect,” and let the debate begin. Does Gwyneth Paltrow pull off Adele’s “Turning Tables”? (She sounds great, but we’re talking Adele here.) Other tracks include Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) taking lead on Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers,” guest star Charice (Sunshine Corazon) channeling Celine Dion for Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself,” and Amber Riley (Mercedes) finessing Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way.” 

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  • Wynter

    In my opinion, when Adele sings a song, especially an original song, no one can hold a candle. This, for me, comes from Adele’s unique voice and emotion that she puts into it. She wrote Turning Tables after the end of a real relationship, so it has that much gravitas. Gwyneth’s inability to match Adele doesn’t mean Gwyneth is that bad; it just means that Adele is that good. It’s incomparable.

    Will I watch the episode? Of course, because I know that Gwyneth, Ryan Murphy, and everyone behind Glee ultimately aren’t looking to improve songs; they just want to use them for a plot.

    • Jen

      I agree. If I’d never heard Adele sing Turning Tables I’d think that Gwyneth Paltrow did a good job. And it’s not that she didn’t do a good job I guess. She just cannot come close to the emotional depth that Adele has. As I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to express this without sounding like an idiot, I’m thinking of Gwyneth as vanilla. It tastes good, but is no where near as yummy as Adele, who is rich, dark chocolate.

      • Tarc

        Or we could just say that we only get a white soul singer like Adele once in ever several generations. You realize the word ‘extraordinary’ is vastly overused when you hear Adele – because *that* is what extraordinary means.

  • Andre

    “All by Myself” is an Eric Carmen song that Celine covered. Eric wrote and performed it in 1975.

    • Gleec

      Stating the stated. Charice’s Glee version of All By Myself is subdued, as instructed by Glee peeps, that is why it sounded too technical. She had an untamed and more heartfelt version on YouTube and it would wow you more. She is a greater singer than the hyped Adelle or whoever she is. Most Americans are tone-deaf anyway, and they like “personality” than real talent.

      • hunt

        Adele is pure british talent. Look it up!

  • Britney

    Why does Glee have to crap on Lykke li for? And Tina of all people performs it. Ryan Murphy is really getting on my nerves lately! If he didn’t spend so much time nagging about people who don’t want license their songs and rather focused on proving Season 2′s horrific plot and complementing with good songs then Glee would be fine. Ugh!

    • Brad

      How is Glee crapping on Lykke Li? I’m thrilled they are showcasing the amazing Lykke Li.

      • Tarc

        Right! Because Lykke Li is actually completely unknown to most people (and by most, we’ll go with 85%); not after next week!

      • Kris

        Yeah but Tina’s singing it AKA the weakest singer on the show. I was beyond pissed when he gave her a Florence and the Machine song.

      • Marie

        Um, Jenna U was a good enough singer to be on Broadway, so I highly doubt she’s the WEAKEST singer on the show, especially compared to Heather and Harry, who are dancers, not singers, and Ashley Fink (well, since she only did that one barely-a-song-song, we still don’t know about her voice).

      • L

        I love Jenna’s voice! You take that back. and I love Flo(rence) and the Machine, I don’t really know Lykke Li yet, looking forward to learning something new

  • Britney

    *improving, sorry

  • Znachki

    Geeze Glee’s definition of “neglected artist” includes Aretha Franklin?? And Andre is right – “All By Myself” is an Eric Carmen song, much more neglected than Celine Dion.

    • Kvivik

      What’s with all of the Eric Carmen comments? It clearly stated in the article that it’s an Eric Carmen song, but the Glee people are basing the singing and phrasing after the Celine Dion cover version.
      And as for Aretha, it’s not the artist that’s neglected, it’s the song.

      • Znachki

        It’s been corrected from the original post.

    • Kris

      I would say the “Neglected Artists” has more to do with the neglected singers on Glee (Tina and Mercedes) who don’t get a lot of screen time or solos.

    • MelindaB

      I so prefer the Eric Carmen version. I’m going to go to YouTube and listen to it now.

  • insomniac

    Horray! Tina and Mercedes are finally getting the spotlight! They are awesome!

    • Tarc


    • laylagalise

      Yes, finally! They’re so neglected and deserve more than just a song here and there.

  • bridget

    enough with Paltrow – one of the kids should have had a shot at this song. And NEGLECTED??? Wasn’t her album number one in the country the week it was released?

    • Znachki

      Probably filmed the episode before the album was released.

      • Emma

        Actually, they do everything just a couple weeks in advance, and what makes it worse is that the Glee kids in interviews have been saying all season they want to do Adele, and the first time they cover one of her songs RM gives it to GP, who by the way, I actually really liked before she became the new star of Glee.

      • Aly

        Why would anyone think the name of the episode reflects on the songs? I know there’s been a tendency for the music to supersede the stories in the past, but that doesn’t even make sense. #1 obviously these are very well known songs or at least well known artists, #2 you can’t actually neglect songs…you can neglect friends or cast members, not a song or artist. It’s not like every artist that hasn’t been done on Glee is being neglected. There’s no obligation in the first place.

    • Jo

      probably depends on what your definition of neglect is — some of these artist…while amazingly talented…simply don’t have the same name recognition of someone like Lady Gaga.

    • Rachel

      I like Paltrow but I would have much preferred Adele’s song given to someone else.

    • Corina

      So agree with you! I was hoping Mercedes would do an adele song because to do an adele song you need some soul! I am also over her, I actually like her character not her singing.

  • Shannon

    As much as I love that Glee would showcase Lykke Li, they should have NEVER let Jenna be the one to sing that song. Ugh. And no one can do Adele justice, but it sounds like Gwyneth will be close.

  • Carrie #2

    Sunshine truly sounds great on All By Myself, but is it sad that I can’t listen to that song anymore without thinking of Pia’s amazing version of it on American Idol?? UGH gone too soon.

    • Tarc

      Oh, get real. Pia never had a shot at winning with the voting demos, and it’s not like she was *that* great. Plus, (and I’m happy to say it) she’s already *has* a record contract, so you’ll be able to listen to Pia all you want in a couple months.

      • jj6

        Latoya London’s version of all by myself back from season 3 is way better than pia’s version.

      • John K

        Seriously, Pia wasn’t anything to write home about. Decent singer, terrible stage presence, and she was never going to win Idol because of that. And hearing Corazon sing this song just proves it – there are much, much better singers out there than poor Pia.

  • Amy

    I’m glad Tina gets some spotlight action, but it didn’t really sound like her. I guess we need to wait for the episode to judge.

  • Laurie

    Well GP didn’t ruin Turning Tables, but it’s nothing special. It’s good to hear Jenna singing I Follow Rivers. She did a good job. I was disappointed by Amber and Charice’s songs. Amber brought great passion to the song, but I guess I don’t like the song. Charice brought technical expertise, but it just sounds boring to me.

    • CJ

      Wow…all this analysis based on a few snippets of the songs! Maybe wait to hear the whole of them. Geesh.

      • Laurie

        I was actually commenting based on the full version I already heard on another site.

    • Gleec

      Charice’s rendition technical for you? Why do Americans always say that when a great singer really nails a song perfectly? Charice is a greater singer than 99.99 percent of the singers around, and as I said, most Americans are tone deaf, they look more for the so-called “personality” that’s why their culture of music is more of a circus full of clowns that can’t sing!

      • Laurie

        I can’t help that something about her singing bores me. There is no need for you to be rude and insulting just because my opinion doesn’t agree with yours. Easy solution if you hate american music. Ignore it.

    • Corina

      Why do charice fans take things so personal? I think she is a great singer, I guess for me as a performer she is a little boring. Again not disputing her voice, but I am just over her character all ready. I want the focus on New Directions, sunshine can have her turn at nationals and if they try to put the New Directions kids in a funk like last season.

  • Jay

    It sounds like every one of them gulped some helium before recording their songs. Looking forward to seeing them in the context of the show. Hopefully it’ll sound better.

  • katie

    Wow, I’m really looking forward to the episode, with this music in store!
    I nearly cried when Charice sang “All By Myself”, and I never cry, especially during songs.
    Tina sounded great, I like that they’re doing “soulful” songs, if you will.
    Gwenyth, I just don’t know, Adele vs. Gwenyth, Adele always wins.

  • jersheywalt

    i cant wait for this episode especially charice and holly come back to the show… ive heard chrice version of eric carmen’s all by myself and she followed the arrangement of the was great… and i saw a charice dff version and i was like… danm! the girl is really bomb…

  • guimmore

    nice, sunshine corzaon is back. go charice, i love you girl.

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