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Certified Hardware

These links provide you with a list of certified systems for Autodesk applications. If you want to purchase hardware that is certified by Autodesk to optimally run our software, you should choose from these hardware configurations. The hardware vendors currently part of Autodesk Media & Entertainment's certification program are NVIDIA, ATI/AMD, HP (Hewlett-Packard), Dell, Apple, Lenovo, BOXX, Fujitsu and Wacom.

Autodesk has endeavored to test those configurations provided below for compatibility with Autodesk products, but cannot guarantee the currency or accuracy of the following information, or that any given configuration will provide the results sought. The access and use of this information is subject to the most current version of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

For the list of certified hardware to run Maya® Composite (Toxik), please refer to its hardware certification charts.

Currently Supported Versions

*Also includes results for stereoscopy support

Workstations & Laptops

 Released DateMicrosoft WindowsLinuxMac
Maya 2012
Readme First

April 2011

September 2010

XP Pro, Vista, Win7Fedora 14 x64/ RedHat 5.5 x6410.6.6
Maya 2011
Maya 2011
Subscription Advantage Pack
Readme First

April 2010

September 2010

XP Pro, Vista, Win7Red Hat 5.4 x64, Fedora Core 11 x6410.6.4 Graphic Update
Maya 2010
Readme First
August 2009XP Pro, Vista, Win7*Red Hat Enterprise 5.3, Fedora 810.6.2
Maya 2009
Readme First
October 2008XP Pro, VistaRed Hat Enterprise 4.0 U6 64-bit, Fedora Core 8 64-bitOS X 10.5.4
Maya 2008 Extension 2March 2008XP Pro, VistaRed Hat Enterprise 4.0 U5OS X 10.5.2



 Released DateMicrosoft WindowsLinuxMac
Maya 2012April 2011Coming soonN/AComing soon
Maya 2011April 2010XP Pro, Vista, Win7N/AOS X 10.6.2
Maya 2010August 2009XP Pro, VistaN/A10.6.2


Previous Versions

*Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is not officially supported by the Autodesk products listed in this document. Autodesk is however in the process of testing those application and will be providing preliminary results on the hardware certification pages shortly