Goodwill Ambassadors

Park, Geun Hyong


Park-Geun-HyongPark Geun Hyong has had a strong relationship with Australia over the past twenty years. At the Goodwill Ambassador for Australia Appointment Ceremony, he said, “Australia is truly a peaceful and beautiful country.” He has always been a strong supporter of the partnership between Australia and Korea, especially in the arts and culture, and he hopes, “many movies and TV series will get filmed in Australia.” He is also a Public Relations Ambassador for Australian beef.

Park joined KBS in 1963, and has since filmed over 60 TV series and movies. During the long course of his acting career, he has secured a broad base of devoted fans.

Park has received numerous prestigious awards in his long career including the TV Series Golden Acting Award from the MBC Drama Awards in 2008, the 2005 KBS Drama Awards Special Short Series Award, Special Awards for the 2002 MBC Drama Awards, the Top Excellence Awards for the KBS Drama Awards in 2000, Special Awards for the 1999 MBC Drama Awards, the Best of the Best Awards for the SBS Drama Awards in 1996, the Best Actor Award for the 1991 29th Daejong Awards, and the 1974 13th Daejong Awards.

Lee, Da Hey


Lee Da HeyLee Da Hey and her family moved to Sydney, Australia, when she was in grade 5 at primary school. She graduated from Burwood Girls High School before returning to Korea and debuting as an actress. She now lives with her mother in Seoul while her father and brother still reside in Sydney. Apart from acting, Lee’s other passion is traditional Korean dance. She has performed many times in Australia. At the Goodwill Ambassador for Australia Appointment Ceremony, she described Australia as a beautiful, scenic country where she enjoyed travelling around a lot.

Lee debuted as an actress in 2001, appearing mostly in TV dramas. She is known for playing mostly lively and spirited characters, and has gained great popularity in Korea for her roles. Last year she starred in the hit action drama Slave Hunter (aka Chuno). She has also appeared in TV commercials for Amore Pacific, BC Cards, and Samsung.

Lee has received many awards such as the Popular Female Star Award in 2009, Asia Model Festival Award, Excellece Award for a Mini Series in the 2007 KBS Performance Awards, Top 10 Popularity Award for the 2006 SBS Performance Awards, a Performance Award in Drama from the 2005 SBS Performance Awards, Best New Actress from 2005 41st Baeksang Arts Awards, and MBC New Actress Award in 2004.

Kong, Hyo Jin


Kong Hyo JinKong Hyo Jin moved to Australia with her mother and brother when she was in year 9 in high school. She has fond memories of her time as a student at  John Paul College High School in Brisbane, Australia. At the Goodwill Ambassador for Australia Appointment Ceremony, she described Australia as a peaceful and relaxed country where she could enjoy walking around barefoot.

Kong began her career as a model, and has since starred in various TV series and movies. One of her most successful soap-operas was “Sang-doo! Let’s Go to School” where she played the female lead as a high school teacher. She has become renowned for her natural and diverse acting skills, which made her a star in the movie industry. She has also featured in many cosmetics and fashion advertisements, such as Dir Cosmetics, Uniqlo, Benetton, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, The North Face Korea, and Guess.

Kong has received many awards including Korea Film Awards – Best Actress in 2008, the 2007 Best Actress for the MBC Drama Awards, Best Supporting Actress in the 2007 Korean Film Awards, Best Actress in 2003 for the KBS Drama Awards, the Best Couple Award (with Rain) for the Popularity Awards in 2003, the Popularity Award in 2002 for MBC Drama Awards, Best New Actress for TV in the 2002 Baeksang Arts Awards, and the New Star Award for the SBS Drama Awards in 2001.


Kwon, Sang Woo


Kwon Sang WooKwon Sang Woo debuted in 1998 as a model in Korea, and later became a well-known actor in Asia due to his popular movie My Tutor Friend in 2003. However it was his character as Cha Song Joo in Stairway to Heaven alongside Choi Ji Woo that really boosted his career. One of Korea’s most popular dramas in Asia, Stairway to Heavenmade Kwon Sang Woo famous not only in Asia but in South America and the Middle East. Since then, he has featured in various TV commercials, music videos, dramas and movies.

Kwon has received awards such as the New Star Award in the 2002 SBS Drama Awards, the Top 10 Star Award and Popularity Award for the SBS Drama Awards in 2003, the Best New Actor for My Tutor Friend in the 2003 39th Baeksang Art Award as well as the 2003 Grand Bell Awards, the Most Popular Actor in a Movie Part in the 2004 40th Baeksang Art Award, the Popularity Award Blue Dragon Award in the 2004 Blue Dragon Awards, and the Most Popular Actor in a Movie Part for the 44th Baeksang Art Awards in 2008.

In 2008, Kwon proposed to Son Tae-Young, Miss Korea 2000, while at the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The happy couple married in Seoul later that year. They frequently return to Queensland for holidays, including for their honeymoon.

Julia Mihyun Kho


julia-mihyun-khoJulia Mihyun Kho grew up in Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Music with Honors at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, Australia. She also graduated from Pescarese Accademia, Roma Arena Accademia with perfect scores as well as a Doctor of Musical Arts by awarding Presidential Scholarship at the American Conservatory of Music, USA. Kho has also graduated with a Master of Music and Doctor of Music (Ph.D) from the Sookmyung Women’s University and is renowned as one of the youngest Doctors of Music in Korea. Currently she is in the public eye for what has been described as her heavenly voice, often called, “the Tebaldi of Asia”.

Kho began her solo career performing a recital in Paris which was sponsored by the Korean Embassy in France. She has performed solo in more than seven countries around the world and many times with world-renowned orchestras such as the Czech Janacek, Bulgaria Sofia, Poland Katowice Silesian, Chinese Tianjin National Philharmonic, Seoul Philharmonic and KBS Symphony Orchestra in Korea. She has performed in operas such as La Traviata, Carmen, Le nozze di Figaro, La Boheme, The Magic Flute and Chunhyangjun.

Kho was named Woman of the Year in 2008. She has also received the 2009 Australian Alumni Creative Arts Award, the Seoul World Peace Culture and Arts Grand Prize in 2008, the First Great Prize for proud Koreans who have brought glory to Korea award, and the 4th Sejong Musicians Award.

Now she is a professor at Seoul Arts College and continues to sing at many concerts and opera houses around the world.

Sam Hammington


Sam HammingtonSam Hammington is originally from Melbourne Australia. While attending Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, he studied Korean language. In 1998, he came to Korea as a foreign exchange student and studied Korean culture, politics and history at a Korean language institute for a year. In 2002, he returned to Korea to settle down and is still lives in Seoul.

Hammington is the first foreign comedian in Korea to perform in Korean. He is well known for his role in the KBS prime time show ‘Gag Concert’, playing a bizarre and comic reporter for ‘World News’. Previously, he appeared on TV programs such as ‘Love Story’, ‘Sponge’ and ‘Love and War’. He is currently working as a DJ host for TBS eFM radio program, ‘Drive time’ along with his co-host Annabelle, another popular public figure. Annabelle appeared in KBS TV show, ‘Misuda’. In his program, ‘Drive time’, he delivers a variety of useful information about Korea to foreign listeners living in Korea as well as his entertaining jokes and humorous dialogue on general topics.