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B/W distance sign in 10ths    5/101 Signing

Evolution of the California "miner's spade" state highway shield
Bear Shield    Current design
The "bear shield" on the left was used up to the 1950's, when a simplified black on white shield was used. In 1964 the current white on green style started to be used. Here is a California Highways & Public Works article on the 1963 renumbering.
50's freeway
I-5 in southern Los Angeles County, built in 1955 as US 101. (photo taken 3/2000)
Typical design of urban California freeways in the 1940's and '50's:

This sign at the I-405/CA 133 interchange shows 1960's/70's standard freeway interchange signing:
60's freeway
Southbound I-405 at CA 55 in 1976, built 1968.
Typical design of urban California freeways in the 1960's and '70's:

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