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SIL serves language communities worldwide, building their capacity for sustainable language development,
by means of research, translation, training and materials development.

Mother-tongue literacy programs

Mother-tongue literacy programs

SIL fieldworkers partner with community members to develop mother-tongue literacy programs that train local literacy workers and promote the mother tongue in formal and informal education settings.


What's New

  • SIL Electronic Book Review: 2011-003 Marcus Tomalin. 2006. Linguistics and the formal sciences: The origins of generative grammar.
    Reviewed by Iwo Iwanov
  • SIL Electronic Book Review: 2011-002 Kenneth Safir. 2004. The syntax of anaphora.
    Reviewed by Erwin R. Komen
  • SIL Electronic Book Review: 2011-001 Daniel Lefkowitz. 2004. Words and Stones: The Politics of Language and Identity in Israel.
    Reviewed by Elizabeth Parks

More What’s New

Word order in Toposa: An aspect of multiple feature-checking

An Eastern Nilotic language spoken in Southern Sudan, Toposa is highly inflectional and derivational, with a basic verb-subject-object word order. This 213-page book, both data-oriented and theoretical, is valuable for students of syntactic theory, language typology and discourse.