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Speak Asia Online FAQ

Q1) What is done with the profile information I gave while signing up and the information I gave every time I logged in?

A: Your response data is stored on our secured server for the following purposes:-

  1. To choose the panelist who match specific criteria to participate in a particular survey.

  2. To provide our survey clients basic information required in any survey.

  3. To build your profile so that many of the surveys can be filled using the information already provided by you.

  4. To send you offers and information by email, sms or direct mail and such other means on Products and services that you may be interested in.

Q2) Will I be spammed with undesired and unsolicited mails?

A: We have a clear anti-spam policy. You will not receive any spam. You will only receive information based on your survey responses on products and services of your interest.

Q3) Will my membership be affected, if I provide incorrect information . What if there is a misconduct or a fraud activity conducted by me?

A: Yes. Lack of honesty, fraudulent activity and false statements are taken very seriously in Speak Asia . Survey results depend on correctness and accuracy of information provided by you. Any panelist providing incorrect information or indulging in any cheating / fraudulent activity on site will be removed from the panel and not allowed to access the ID without assigning any further reasons.

Q1) In the past I tried to take surveys from other companies but did not get rewarded, why not ?

A: There could be two reasons:-

  1. The company you were dealing with was not ethical.

  2. The second reason could be that you were not trained to fill a survey questionnaire accurately/effectively. At Speak Asia, you are provided with E-Bulletin to train you on filling surveys correctly. In addition, the first eight weeks are treated as a training period and the company provides you feedback on incorrect filled surveys. This helps you in becoming an effective panelist.

Q2) Will I get reward points if my weekly survey is not filled in within 7 days?

A:Each survey will be open for four weeks from the date of the survey. This means you get a month to fill the survey. You will get reward points only when you fill the survey. If a survey is not filled even at the end of 30 days, that particular survey will be withdrawn and you will not get any reward. The company will not withhold any survey reward points (if completely filled) for the first 8 weeks of training period. Subsequently, the surveys will get you reward points only when they are filled as per company norms.

Q3) Will I be rewarded for incorrect or incomplete surveys?

A:You will get reward points for incorrect surveys for the first 8 weeks and will be given feedback on how to improve. This is an investment towards your training. Subsequently, you will not get any reward points for such surveys which are incompletely filled. However, if some panelist deliberately fills a null survey or a survey with 0 or (-) values such a survey will get rejected even during the first 8 weeks and will not get any reward points.

Q4) What is the length of each survey?

A:The surveys will vary between 20 to 40 minutes. Surveys will be generally populated on Wednesday,every week.

Q5) How does the company knows if my responses are accurate?

A: We build in checks, balances and algorithms within the survey to check the accuracy of the responses. We also look at the time it takes to fill the responses in order to know whether your response is genuine or not.

Q1) What is the validity of my E-Bulletin and panelist subscription ?

A:You get E-Bulletin subscriptions for one year. The E-Bulletin equips you and informs you about the forthcoming surveys. It is an important training tool. You can remain a panelist and earn reward points from Speak Asia only as long as your subscription to E-Bulletin is in force. This means, you are on the panel and can earn reward points from surveys for 12 months from your date of subscription.

Q2) Renewal of Subscription?

A:You must renew your subscription at least 7 days before expiry to be able to continue to earn reward points as a panelist.

Q3) What is this deduction between 25% - 75% all about?

A:You can choose anything between 25% - 75% of your reward points as a deduction towards up gradation of your subscription or towards purchasing additional sub panels. You can also choose to have no deductions by clicking 0% /no deduction at the time of registration. You can also change your deduction status subsequently.

Q4) What are sub panels ? How many sub panels can a panelist have?

A: A panelist, we believe can handle up to 20 surveys in a week without any compromise on quality. A panelist can thus have a maximum of 1 + 9 sub panels. Each sub panel gives him two additional surveys every week and adds to his surveys reward points.

Q1) When can I redeem my reward points for surveys completed by me?

A:Un utilized reward points in your ewallet can be transferred upon request to your bank account at the end of 30 days from the date of filling up the survey.

Q2) When do I get the Binary Reward Points in my e wallet?

A:The Binary Reward points is transferred into your e-wallet everyday automatically after the payout is run.

Q3) How do I redeem my reward points from the company?

A:The reward points can be redeemed for buying products , services and subscriptions . Un utilized reward points can also to transferred from your e wallet upon request to your bank account at the end of 30 days from the date of filling up the survey. Within 7-14 working days (depending upon the local bank in India) the amount gets credited to your bank account. Amounts are credited in your local currency by the bank. A bank transfer charge at the rate of 3% is applied subject to a minimum of USD7.5 .

Q4) What can I use my e-wallet for?

A:I can use my e-wallet to buy subscription, additional sub panels or buying panels and subscription for people that you know. Every time you buy a subscription or a sub panel from your e-wallet, an amount of 2.5% is credited to your e-wallet as a reward. This means if you use USD100 to buy a subscription from your e-wallet, you will get USD2.5 paid into your e-wallet by the company.

Q5) How do I make a payment to the company?

A:You can buy subscription from our authorized franchisee or pay by credit card/debit card through our secured payment gateway. You can also request the panelist that you know to pay for the subscription on your behalf.

Speak Asia Online FAQ

Speak Asia Online FAQ