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by its very style and content en-capsules the quintessence of the culture, ethos and artistic aspirations of Malayalees.And not surprisingly, Kairali Channel has today emerged as an
information-rich and viewer favorite channel that would entertain, engross and educate the Malayalee population all over the world.Kairalis vision is to create programmes that meet international standards of creativity and production excellence. And Kairalis mission is to rule the airwaves as the channel with the cutting edge viz the cutting edge of News breaking, programming and technical perfection. Today Kairali TV has emerged as the most preferred channel of Malayalees deeply entrenched in the minds of Keralites the world over.

Board of Directors
Malayalam Communications Ltd is endowed with an eminent galaxy of Directors, every Board Member being a brilliant highflier in his own chosen field of vocation.

Padmashri Bharat Mammootty
Chairman - is three times winner of Indias most prestigious Bharat National Award for Best Actor. The Government of India has honoured him with Padmashri for his unique contribution to the art and culture of the Nation. He is undoubtedly the doyen of the Malayalam Film Industry and the superstar par excellence of the Indian film firmament having portrayed unforgettable characters in many Indian languages.

Shri. T. R. Ajayan - Executive Director

is a Professional Engineer with over three decades of exemplary service in the Kerala State Government Service.. A great lover and exponent of art and culture, he is associated with many cultural activities of Palakkad. He is the Secretary of Swaralaya, Palakkad which has now become the cultural showcase of Kerala. He is also the Chairman of the Marketing Sub Committee of the Board.

Shri P T Kunhi Mohammed
is an internationally renowned Producer and Director of Malayalam Films. A brilliant orator and creative personality, he was a Member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly for two consecutive terms.

Shri. C. K. Karunakaran
is an eminent Lawyer in the Honourable High Court of Kerala. He was also a member of the Indian Civil Services. Besides he is also a member of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

Shri. A. A. Rasheed
is a very prominent Lawyer of the Trivandrum Bar Council. A former Chairman of the Kerala University Union, he is actively associated with many cultural and artistic activities in Kerala including Soorya, Swaralaya and many other cultural organizations. He is also a member of the Marketing Sub Committee of the Board.

Shri. M. M. Monaye
is a practicing Lawyer in the Honourable High Court of Kerala. He is well known for his path breaking contributions to the Co-operative Banking Movement in the State and was the former President of the Ernakulam District Co-operative Bank. He is also a well known cartoonist and satirist.

Shri. V K Mohammed Ashraf
is a very well known business magnate and prominent Industrialist based in the Gulf. He is also associated with many cultural and artistic organizations and owns successful film and television based companies.

Shri. P A Siddhartha Menon

was the former Chairman of the KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) with over three decades of Engineering and Administrative experience in the power sector. He is also a well-known Agriculturist, and has won awards. He was the Executive Director during the formative years of our Company.

Shri. A.Vijayaraghavan MP

is a senior member of the Rajya Sabha. He also holds the post of General Secretary of the All India Agricultural Workers Union. He shot into prominence as an influential student and youth leader and also occupied the post of President of Students Federation of India.

Shri. Ayarakath karakuni Moosa


Core Managers

Kairali believes that state of art is primarily a state of mind. In Television, technology matters; but creativity matters most. What are the world's best ideas and concepts, if they are not backed by a dedicated and competent team of professionals? At Kairali, investment in human resource is the sine-qua-non towards the pursuit of excellence. Today, Kairali TV has evolved and emerged as a channel of international standards, deeply entrenched in the minds of Keralites the world over, driven by the collective dynamism of the dedicated employees, The team leaders being:

Mr. M. Venkitaraman
Chief Operating Officer
CALL: +91 98477 20015
E-Mail: sgmfinance@kairalitv.in

Mr. K. P. Sukumaran Nair

Company Secretary
CALL: +91 98477 20013
E-Mail: companysecretary@kairalitv.in

Mr. Somakumar
Director – Programs
CALL: +91 94474 70174
E-Mail: somakumar@kairalitv.in

Mr. John Fernandez
Associate Director - Technical
CALL: +91 98477 20017
E-Mail: technical@kairalitv.in

Mr. S. Rajiv
General Manager - Marketing
CALL: +91 9847720033
E-Mail: gmmarketing@kairalitv.in

Mr. NP Chandrasekharan
Director - News and Current affairs
CALL: +91 9447060178
E-Mail : npc@kairalitv.in

Mr. PO Mohan
Creative Executive
CALL: +91 9847820096
E-Mail: mohanan@kairalitv.in

Mr. AS Jayashankar
Deputy General manager - Marketing
CALL: +91 9847720052
E-Mail : jayasankar@kairalitv.in

Mr. Salim Sadiq
Deputy General manager - Marketing
CALL: +91 9847720050

Mrs. Betty Louis Baby
Associate Director - Production
CALL: +91 9847720021
E-Mail : bettylouis@kairalitv.in

Mr. Mohammed Arif CC
Assistant General Manager – P&A
CALL: +91 98477 20070
E-Mail : arif@kairalitv.in

Mr. Biju Radhakrishnan
Senior manager - Technical
CALL: +91 9847720039
E-Mail : bijunedungadi@kairalitv.in