This is, home of The TenDRA Project.

TenDRA is a C compiler, with C++ STL support forthcoming. The original Crown copyright from DERA is still present, and further expansion of TenDRA is under the BSD License.

TenDRA uses the TenDRA Distribution Format (TDF) as its intermediate language. It is based on (X)ANDF (Architecture Neutral Distribution Format) which evolved from TDF. ANDF focuses on abstracting high level languages instead of assembler languages, as is common with most compilers. This makes TenDRA a powerful tool in code verification and checking.

TenDRA Goals

  • To continuously produce correct code.
  • To continuously improve the performance of the compiler and resulting code, unless it would jeopardise the point above.
  • To create tools that facilitate programming, not to have programming facilitate the tools.
  • To be a friendly competitor to GCC in order to get a best-of-breed compiler.