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About Us

John Cook

A cartoonist working from home in Brisbane, Australia, John is currently juggling the tasks of taking care of his daughter Gaby, drawing new Sev Space cartoons, casino online,continually developing and programming the Sev Wide Web, developing a new cartoon series Terrible Twos, posting regular updates in his cricket blog as well as obsession about past and future Ashes series, dabbling in screenwriting, programming for PaperWeb Design and consequently getting nothing done!

Wendy Cook

Wendy is the ‘creative director’ of Sevloid Art. She designed the look of the old Sev Wide Web (which lasted 8 years without dating - an impressive effort) and the new redesign (which will probably last another 8 years). Over the years, she has coloured cartoons, judged tens of thousands of punchlines and continues to arbitrate when judges couldn't choose a winning punchline. Funny how everyone complains when I choose winning punchlines but I've never heard a bad word against Wendy! In 2005, Wendy started her own business PaperWeb Design which is humming along very nicely at the moment (you can tell how busy it is when sev gets updated less).

Gaby Cook

Gaby is the real boss of Sevloid Art and the Cook household, deciding at a whim what Wendy and John are doing from moment to moment. Nah, just kidding, she's a model child. It's just pure coincidence she's the inspiration for the new comic strip series aptly titled Terrible Twos. sell a diamond

A million sevilians

Much of the Sev Wide Web is the result of an interactive pos systems process where Sevilians contribute to the site's content. The website receives upward of half a million visitors per month (hence the bandwidth problems) and over the years, the thriving online community has spewed out cartoon ideas, sevnames, submitted outdoor fountains punchlines, judged them and steered the website this way and that.

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