Somali PM: Anyone in gov’t who commits corruption will be brought to justice

The prime minister said every minister needed to distinguish between their private assets and the properties of the nation.

Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed, the prime minister of Somalia's transitional federal government, on Tuesday warned the newly designated small cabinet against using the country's assets in a corrupt manner.


In an interview with government-run Radio Mogadishu, Mohammed indicated that meaningless trips by Somali government ministers had been banned. The prime minister noted that a ministerial committee against corruption would track activities of all government officials.

“This committee will be a complement [to] the rules of fighting against corruption and money laundering. No one would mismanage the properties of the nation,” Mohammed was quoted as saying.

He said every minister needed to distinguish between their private assets and the properties of the nation, pointing out that it was taboo for a minister to take national assets when leaving office.

The premier on Monday met with his cabinet and discussed a number of issues including, tightening security and reconciliation.

Mohammed also said that no minister will travel abroad until he makes clear the aim of the trip and the length of time he will be out of the country, adding anyone in the Somali government suspected of corruption would be brought to justice.

On the other hand, the premier said the government is committed to help drought-affected Somalis throughout the country, But he pointed out that the terrorist group Al Shabaab is a hindrance to the Somali government and international relief agencies to help those severely affected by the drought.

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