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Ruth Gramma is the Editor in Chief of News Hawks Ms. Gramma has over 30 years of experience in print journalism. Gramma has worked for newspapers, magazines, and several web based news sites.

Karen Greene is the Entertainment Reporter for this news site. Ms. Greene has a Journalism Degree from Arizona State University. Greene is always thoroughly involved in entertainment news.

Nick Gibson is the Lead Net Reporter for this news site. Mr. Gibson has been writing about the internet since it was the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency and there were only bulletin boards, text and no pictures. Gibson is a prolific writer about technology, the internet and the history of the technology revoultion.

Hannah Grimm is a General Assignment Reporter for this news site. Ms. Grimm is a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism. Grimm has been reporting for newspapers, internet news sites and radio news for over 10 years. Grimm started on the police beat and has won awards for crime news reporting.

Charles Lindy is a Business News Reporter for this news site. Mr. Lindy was the CIO for several internet start-up companies. Lindy has also been involved in financing, initial public offerings and venture capital acquisition of high-tech companies for over 10 years.

Kara Degete is the Lead Reporter for Political Reporting for this news site. Ms. Degete has been a print, radio, and television journalist for over 20 years. Degete has reported for major market newspapers, independent newspapers, cable news television broadcasts and political internet sites.

Fred Laners is the Lead Reporter for Business Reporting for this news site. Mr. Laners has been a television reporter for over 30 years and has reported on business from agriculture and the auto industry to water rights for private companies. Laners has worked in businesses on the Fortune 100 list.

Mike Adams is the Home &  Lifestyle Reporter for this news site. Mr. Adams background is in home building, design and remodeling. Adams has written for major magazines and worked on syndicated home remodeling television shows. Adams has a degree in Construction Sciences from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT.

Matthew Anthony is the Lead Reporter for Sports and Recreation for this news site. Mr. Anthony is an avid reporter of all things sports and occasionally gets involved in recreation subjects. Anthony has a degree in Journalism with an emphasis on Sports Reporting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Natalie Winegar is the Lead Reporter for Health Reporting for this news site. Ms. Winegar has a B.S. in Health Sciences and is an voracious reader and writer. Winegar has reported on Health Care for over 20 years.

Claude Vance is the Lead Reporter for Travel Reporting for this news site. Mr. Vance has been a travel writer for over 15 years. Vance has traveled all over the world and written about his exploits. Vance has edited over 10 travel books.

Tony Marino is the Executive News Editor and  Publisher of this News Site. Mr. Marino was a Television News Investigative Reporter and then later News Director. He was the Editor in Chief of a Business Newspaper and the Executive Producer of a Cable TV News Show.

Contributing Reporters:

Michele Yates has been writing about Finance, Banking and the US and World Economy for over 20 years. She is an accomplished speaker with extensive experience in leadership and networking.  Ms. Yates is a graduate of civic leadership programs and the Pacific Coast Banking School in Seattle Washington. She has worked in the banking world for over 20 years.
myates [@]

Mandi Titus is a blogger, guest blogger and freelance journalist.  Ms. Titus is the author of two blogs and also contributes to guest blogs, newspapers, and magazines in her spare time. Titus has a blog at

Kilarin O’Malley is a freelance News Reporter. Ms. O’Malley has been reporting since she was 6 years old. She like digging into stories and has a true fondness for Investigative Reporting. O’Malley is a bulldog-reporter and an excellent writer, her facts are always correct and she challenges everyone she reports on to be accurate.

Tina Golden is a freelance journalist and professional writer.  Ms. Golden worked as an editor for a small newspaper before deciding to pursue her career as a freelance writer.  She has worked for numerous news and specialty websites over the past ten years.

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