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Description: Central government expenditures on health (% of GDP). The indicator reflects the priority afforded to the health sector by a government through the government expenditures dedicated to it. The data are not sensitive to differences in allocations within sectors, e.g. primary health care in relation to other levels, which vary considerably. Direct comparability is complicated by the different administrative and budgetary responsibilities allocated to central governments in relation to local governments, and to the varying roles of the private and public sectors. Reported estimates are presented as shares of total GDP. Great caution is also adviced about cross-country comparisons becuase of varying costs of inputs in different settings and sectors. Data refer to the most recent estimate 1998-2001.
Source: UNFPA, State of World Population 2003
Category: Health
Ranking: 34 (2001) - Show ranking
Unit of measurement: % of GDP

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Year 2001
Central government expenditures on health
(% of GDP)