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20 Fabulous Singles: Amy Holmes

They’re smart, funny, successful, and available—for now

By Ann Limpert ,    Garrett M. Graff    Published Saturday, July 01, 2006

Amy Holmes, 32

Job: Speechwriter for Senate majority leader Bill Frist Education: BA in economics from Princeton University. Hometown: Seattle. Now lives in DC’s Kalorama. Dream date: I’ve been lucky to go on some whirlwind dates with elaborate travel. But one of my best dates was right here in Washington during the February blizzard. Very romantic. Favorite hangout: Sette is perfect for a casual dinner al fresco. Proudest achievement: Forgiving my ex-boyfriend. Favorite date spot: I just had a very lovely date kayaking on the Potomac. Would you ever go on a blind date? Sure, why not. We’re meeting in a public place. Shortcomings: Let’s leave a little mystery. Finding out is half the fun.

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