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Gaea's Indignation
Published on: Aug 09, 2010 by Karthik Swaminathan
Last updated on: Aug 09, 2010
Keywords: cause, fury, issue, mother nature, poetry
Categories: Society, Soil, Soul
Tearing away in cellular bloom,

An emergence from maternal womb.

Crying and crying, whilst she bled and cringed,

A new life wriggled...

Laws of avarice would not be infringed.

And as you grew - you cried and craved;

All of Nature, you decreed, enslaved.

Guns to grenades - your designed assault;

While Gaea, but writhed...

Her creation had come from a bottomless vault.

Tartarus opened! It all spells doom!

Divinity devoured by unholy gloom...

Unimaginable chao...

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An ode, a promise...
Published on: Jul 22, 2010 by Karthik Swaminathan
Last updated on: Jul 22, 2010
Keywords: cause, issue, mother nature, poetry, retourne
Categories: Society, Soil, Soul
Momentary bliss with you 'round,

Nature - you are beauty profound!

Soulful colours, your own splendour,

Sights to behold - "How!?", I wonder...

Nature - you are beauty profound!

With curves, certified to astound;

A grand feast for those truly bless't,

How enchantingly art thou drest!

Soulful colours, your own splendour,

Blinding rage, tears you asunder!

The rising tide, the spewing flame,

Ne'er shall you be the human's game!

Sights to behold - "How!?", I wonder...

Beseech thee - ...

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copperstrings, singer, songwriter, copperstrings
Published on: May 15, 2010 by Keith Vxxxxxxxxx
Last updated on: May 15, 2010
Keywords: copperstrings, singer, songwriter
Categories: Soil, Soul
Hello... my is really starting to show some great interest. for those of you wanting to get things , make sure you email me at

During the therapy, art therapy became a way of taking my mind totally of the pain and concentrating on writing, creating, and making poetry.  Every day I wrote 20 lines or more in four areas. My sons/family, my daily feelings, my activities, and thoughts for /of the day.  SO, I threw a great deal of those initial papers away. ...

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Carl Munson, 45
A square peg tired of endeavouring to live out ...
United Kingdom
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Francesca Cassini, 55
Following my hearts passion to make transformat...
United Kingdom
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